Project Description

Scott Murden

Scott is a what he calls “The Human Experience Coach” and is passionate about helping modern professionals that feel disconnected from what they do and who they really are to live their life from a place of clarity, harmony, connection and excitement.

Since 2008 Scott has worked extensively with people suffering severe mental health issues, through to successful professionals and entrepreneurs.

From these experiences, his Life Navigation techniques have evolved out of third eye-based meditation and tantra and embodiment practices into a simple framework around awareness, authentic desire, and self-approval that allows people to develop and transform their lives in a way that is natural, connected, and exciting.

He spends his time playing music, riding motorcycles and enjoying nature whilst living between Goa (India) and London. He is also an ambassador of the Huni Kuin tribe from the Brazilian Amazon, learning and promoting their shamanic practices and culture.


In this talk and workshop Scott explores what it means to be authentic and know who we really are and what we want in life, and the pitfalls that we must come to terms with so we can best navigate the experience of life.

As we jump into the adventure of life we can quickly start to feel our experience is like a labyrinth. We wander around in search of the center, the goal, or the idea of what we want our life to look like.

An abundance of money, fulfilling relationships, purpose in our career, a great body and health, and hopefully, liberated in our love life. But we don’t always feel this way.

We quickly get lost.

Often, we feel a scarcity of money, hurt by relationships, bored or exhausted by our careers, run down in our bodies, and a love life that just isn’t what we want.

What I’ve noticed in the work I’ve done over the last 12 years as a life coach, past life regression practitioner, and meditation teacher working with a diverse range of people, from people with severe mental health issues, deep trauma, through to hugely successful professionals and entrepreneurs is that we all have to deal with the adversity and challenges that life brings.

If we don’t know how to deal with adversity it deeply impacts our experience of life, but also, starts run our lives. Which means we make important choices and take actions not when we’re at our best, but when we are at our worst, deeply lost in the labyrinth of life.

In this talk we will discuss:

  • The five core areas that impact us the most in life.
  • The five stages we go through in emotional reactions.
  • The five limiting patterns and behaviors that inhibit our authentic growth and stop us getting what we really want.
  • The five fears we all have to face and how we can overcome them.
  • Who you are as an authentic person.
  • What authentic empowerment is and how we can use that to make the best choices for us in life.