Wider Horizons gatherings draw together like-minded people looking for a fuller, deeper purpose in their journey through life.  They are an opportunity for benevolent brains to combine in creativity, explore the mysteries of life and learn from some of the greatest minds and experts in their field around all things mystical and conscious. Our aim to is equip you with the knowledge and confidence to embrace life with optimism and belief in the unbridled and mellifluous magic that we all possess.


We have created Online Connection which is weekly Zoom gathering on Tuesdays at 8pm where great minds and pioneers in their fields hold webinars and all have a chance to comment and ask questions.

We have created Online Connection to share tools for self-care and create a way for young adults to connect during the social distancing period. 

We have a facebook group you can join to connect with everyOne.

Please click “I accept” to watch utube aftermovies of previous magical gatherings:

For thousands of years communities throughout the world have held gatherings to mark transitions in life but we’ve largely lost this in our modern western culture. At Wider Horizons you can explore personal growth through experiential approaches which have been informed by latest developments in our understanding of consciousness and nature.

Wider Horizons integrates transformational workshops, participation and celebration to offer a variety of opportunities to deepen your connection with nature, others and yourself and your appreciation of the richness of the inner and outer world. Come and unlock your true potential over three days in a beautiful, sacred woodland just outside of London and make some friends for life!