Our Mission

Inspiring young adults as they step into adult life.


Our aims are for you to:

Learn about and experience alternative views of the structure and nature of the mind, world and universe and the great mysteries of existence.

Learn methods of self-care and develop self-awareness, integrity, empowerment, independence, creativity, inner peace and a sense of belonging,

Experience understanding, empathy and compassion towards others through helping, encouraging, supporting and cooperating with others in workshops and participation in running the camp.

Develop your understanding of the current environmental crises and devise practical, holistic solutions to care for nature.

Experience a heartfelt connection with your inner self, others, nature and all life and a sense of awe and wonder in relation to the fundamental unity of existence.


Wider Horizons was established in 1975 to deliver a course of instruction, discussions and workshops covering aspects of knowledge and experience that are not normally available to most students. Interspersed with lectures have been practical experiences in art, music, dance and healing. At the events, young adults, including students, have had the opportunity to learn about and experience alternative views of the structure and nature of the mind and the world around.
Wider Horizons participants have tended to stay together as a group, forming a nucleus which can not only support itself but is able to offer others an alternative view. They have an exciting yearly programme, involving meetings and internet chat rooms, organised by Wider Horizons or themselves.
Wider Horizons has always been sponsored by the Scientific and Medical Network, whose aim is to explore and expand the frontiers of science, medicine and spirituality https://explore.scimednet.org/ This makes the price of the ticket half the price of the real cost.


Ben Gross MBACP(Accred) MSc PGCE MBSR BSc(Hons) is the producer and curator of Wider Horizons. He is a Transpersonal Psychotherapist for adults, young people and families, lecturer at the University of Greenwich, meditation teacher and musician. He has been organising retreats in nature for 30 years.

Olly Robinson, Rina Golan, Zak Avery and Omni Thiessen (young adult Wider Horizons consultant) form the Production Team and all the contributors and a group of young adults are involved in the design and curation of Wider Horizons. If you would like to get involved please contact us.

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The week worked marvellously – it was a feast intellectually, artistically, and in terms of a setting for expressing really positive contacts between people who had only recently come together.

I particularly valued the group meditations, experiences with colour, time to get to know one another, the relaxed but well ordered atmosphere and the variety of subjects and experiences.

Wider Horizons did help me so much . . . because I’m not so afraid of being open with people, and I have already found this very rewarding. It has also helped me to feel very much more positive about my job and my career.

I know what you are doing is right, instinctively, and thus it will succeed, but at the same time I don’t think that success lies in numbers or in official recognition.

On leaving, it felt very much as if we were leaving home.

I did leave wishing we could have had a day or two longer together.

To observe where there is no observer, to think where there is no thinker, to act where there is no actor and hence attain a greater awareness of how reality can be shaken up.

We are both the holder of the kaleidoscope and the pieces within it.

“It did have, very much, the effect of widening my horizons.”

“How much there was during one magical week that I think I needed to hear and feel as at no other time.”

“It was one of those times when a great crystallisation of thought and a great seeding of growing points take place.”

“Oh! How can I explain to you how much I felt that here at last were people who were GOING HOME!”

“We have become part of one another in a very intimate experience.”

“All of us have a strong desire to keep in touch so as to continue to share in the discoveries initiated at Wider Horizons.”