The Gathering

Wider Horizons is a gathering.  It is not just a place where you can develop your awareness of consciousness, spirituality and the environment, but a space to connect with others who are also on this path.

We are bringing together young adults, between 18 and 30 years old from around the country.  You are the next generation, stepping into a world which is ecologically and economically fragile.  As are you.   We want to help you to embrace fragility, with all the fragility we have to offer, to show that it is this which leads to strength.

We are bringing together young adults who are the children, relations and friends of friends and family and the children, relations and friends of members of the Scientific and Medical Network, Alef Trust, Wasinga and other intentional organisations and communities, and the students of the Universities of Greenwich, Reading, Winchester, Bristol, Sussex and others.

It is going to be quite a gathering!

“If you make others happy, you’ll be happy.”

Dalai Lama 2014

Experience has shown that a valuable sense of belonging can come from participation at gatherings in nature, through the sharing of one’s energy. Research suggests that giving and co-operating with others towards a shared goal stimulates reward areas in the brain and gives us a sense of purpose and feelings of self-worth and a valuable sense of belonging (NHS,2018).  The gathering is about moving from the ‘self-centred’ mindset of the child – where one is looked after, to the ‘selfless’ adult mindset, shifting from expecting to receive, appropriate for a child, to wishing to give, where we realise that “freedom” means the “the power to do what is right” rather than “to do what you want”.  At Wider Horizons we encourage you to join the tribe and be involved in making this experience happen so there will be opportunities to engage in service, giving your energy to the community, if and when you feel to, without obligation. This might involve food prep, collecting wood and caring for the camp and the land.  There will be helpers who you can ask what needs to be done.  Wider Horizons attendees are welcome to come back as helpers and through this experience you will learn how to create these camps in following years.  The miracle of service is that the more one gives, the more one receives … and we are doing everything we can to ensure that you will be receiving immeasurable gifts throughout the Wider Horizons gathering and beyond!

“For it is in giving that we receive.” Saint Francis of Assisi

Beyond the Gathering

We are developing programmes to sustain the relationships, connections and networks formed at Wider Horizons, involving an exciting yearly programme including regular meet-ups and web link-ups. Our hope is for Wider Horizons participants to stay together as a group, forming a nucleus which not only supports itself but also offers others alternative views and ways of being.

We are organising Zoom web meets before and after the gathering.  Please contact us to join.