Our amazing contributors include druids, explorers, artists, doctors, musicians, lecturers, artists and practitioners from a variety of massage, healing, meditation and energywork disciplines.

You are able to choose from a diverse programme that includes shamanic journeying, Imbolc, Fire and Cacao Ceremonies, meditation, crafting, energy healing, yoga, expressive dance and sacred singing.

There will be live music on Friday night and DJs on Saturday night.

Hetty Nutbeem

RAINBOW SERPENT CHAKRA DANCE - A dance to unite body, mind and spirit in joy, health and harmony! MEDICINE AT YOUR FEET - Learn to identify common plants as food and medicine!

Laura Wilcock

CELTIC SINGING CIRCLE - Learn songs to build connection and harmony. WILLOW WEAVING - learn to work with local withies

James Mermagen

SYNCHRONICITY - what synchronicity means and how I use it as a guide in life each day, WAND MAKING -we will go out to the woods to choose live material to bring back and turn into magical talismans using crystals, copper wire and coloured string.

Alison David

MESSENGERS - FIND YOUR VOICE Uncover the blocks to sharing your voice, witness how much we have in common, be inspired to share your unique offering and walk away with tips for doing so.

Jonny O’Donnell

LIVE MUSIC FROM CONTEMPLATION TO CELEBRATION - go deep in the stillness of the heart and dance together in joy EMBODIED NESTING - Come and nest with us in this individual and/or shared somatic exploration, as we explore how it might be to soften into the moment, ourselves, each other…

Chandvi Shah

CACAO CEREMONY - We sit in circle to gather as community. We will speak and share with each other. Serve Cacao and drink together.

Erika Tourell

SOMA FLOW - A grounding and nourishing somatic practice which will include gentle yoga, breath work, free dance and yoga nidra. MINDFUL INTIMACY - A journey of intimate connection with self, source and other.

Chris Fitchew

QUEER SHARING CIRCLE - Connect with you Queer family in this non judgmental, safe and welcoming space. JOURNEY TO JOY - Harnessing more joy, harmony, love and wonder into our being.

DJ Jon Bongly

DRUMMING FOR ALL ABILITIES - Jon will be sharing a method for listening to and understanding beats, using a simple technique to create rhythms that fit within and complement other rhythmic patterns.


SLOW YOGA FLOW - wake up your bodies on your yoga mats. Recite mantra and take part in some breathwork. Set yourselves up for a wonderful start to your weekend.

Edmund Colville

OPENING YOUR HEART - A WAY OF HEALING Learn to fully open your heart and use it as the most simple and powerful healing technique.

Athena Constantine Constantinou

Golden Wreath meditation; from deep within silence, our minds shape is lit, by the light of love wreathed in gold. Protected, strong, secure. Infinite possibilities. Become centred with the centre everywhere, seeing the world through new eyes with creative awareness.

Carolyn Wade

STAY CALM AND BREATHE ON Get ready to level up your BREATH game in this workshop! We're diving into the fascinating world of your breathing patterns, comparing the daytime vibes to those nocturnal rhythms.

Loz & Miranda

COLLECTIVE ACTION FOR OUR WORLD - Gather to connect to our collective humanity, call for peace and justice and gain access to the forces of collective action.

Megg Kwan

EMBODIED NESTING - My love, where in our lives have we been bracing, holding… and when was the last time you felt truly held…

Megan Rose

Passionate about the Welsh culture, as well as taking inspiration from the Bhakti traditions, Amelia sings sings from her heart in service to the highest truth.

Alex Szepietowski

ALLOWING ABUNDANCE & ALCHEMISING HEARTACHE- Finding the sacred in everything we do. MEDITATION WITHOUT THE FLUFF! - the workshop is nourishing, demystifying, grounding and very practical… with a generous sprinkle of magic for good measure!

Gursharan Kaur

ASHTANGA FLOW YOGA - Join Sharan to participate in a set sequence of asanas, to develop mindful breathing, endurance, flexibility and strength in a dynamic process

Rizzy Smith

THE DISCOVERY OF THE SELF - a conversational workshop on understanding the ego as a tool for spiritual enlightenment.

Jote Prakash Singh

MYSTERY OF KUNDALINI - Come and learn how to navigate and awaken the kundalini energy in a contained way, giving space for your emotions and feelings.

Ben Gross

Sacred Singing Circle & The Work That Reconnects" - Discover and experience your innate connection with others and the self-healing powers of the web of life, transforming despair and overwhelm into inspired, collaborative action.

The contributors have designed workshops to gently enable transformation.