Summer Gathering

The contributors include doctors, lecturers, healers, wisdom carriers, musicians, artists and practitioners from a variety of academic, healing, meditation, massage and energy work disciplines. You are able to choose from a diverse workshop programme that includes fire and water ceremonies and guided meditations, expressive dance, shamanism, healing, Qi Gong, meditation, sacred singing, expressive dance and live music and DJs.

Full info about the contributors and their workshops is below

Chris Park

DRUID LORE & CELTIC DANCE - Learn dances to firm the floor and fill the glade with music, song and celebration!

Erika Tourell

SOMA FLOW - A grounding and nourishing somatic practice which will include gentle yoga, breath work, free dance and yoga nidra. MINDFUL INTIMACY - A journey of intimate connection with self, source and other.

DJ Jon Bongly

DRUMMING FOR ALL ABILITIES - Jon will be sharing a method for listening to and understanding beats, using a simple technique to create rhythms that fit within and complement other rhythmic patterns.

Louis Weinstock

THE MAGIC POWER OF GRIEF - A safe space to grieve for the things we have lost, and to alchemise that grief into a source of beauty, magic and power.

Ravi Freeman

OVERTONE SINGING & VOICE WORKSHOP - A high energy and transformational experience of devotional singing with songs &  chants from around the world.

DJ Jon Bongly

DRUMMING FOR ALL ABILITIES - Jon will be sharing a method for listening to and understanding beats, using a simple technique to create rhythms that fit within and complement other rhythmic patterns.

Athena Constantine Constantinou

Golden Wreath meditation; from deep within silence, our minds shape is lit, by the light of love wreathed in gold. Protected, strong, secure. Infinite possibilities. Become centred with the centre everywhere, seeing the world through new eyes with creative awareness.

Kristina Evans

CACAO CEREMONY - An opportunity to strengthen our connection with Nature's intelligence, held by the exquisite medicine of Cacao.


SANATANA DHARMA - a blueprint for Life shared by the ancient Rishis of India which is still applicable today. These principles are like keys that unlock doors and are also practised by indigenous cultures who are still in touch with their ancient ways.


FRIDAY NIGHT PERFORMANCE - Solo music performance with guitar and loop pedal

Mark Reeves

RECONNECTION & RELEASING BARRIERS - Fun & interactive workshops that offer a space of authenticity and connection, where there is the safety to let go and be all that we really are

Keith Neary

SHAMANIC FREQUENCIES - 45 min session starting with simple breathwork,body scan followed by full emersion into the world of healing frequencies

Eshana Spiers

BEFRIENDING YOUR PEOPLE PLEASER - Come and hang out with your inner pleaser, discover why they show up, understand what is going on in your nervous system and practice new ways to safely be in your authentic expression.

Clara Lunar

CACAO & HAWTHORNE CEREMONY - These two plant medicines embrace and activate your heart & it’s deep, powerful wisdom.

Alex Szepietowski

ALLOWING ABUNDANCE & ALCHEMISING HEARTACHE- Finding the sacred in everything we do. MEDITATION WITHOUT THE FLUFF! - the workshop is nourishing, demystifying, grounding and very practical… with a generous sprinkle of magic for good measure!

Gursharan Kaur

ASHTANGA FLOW YOGA - Join Sharan to participate in a set sequence of asanas, to develop mindful breathing, endurance, flexibility and strength in a dynamic process

Rizzy Smith

THE DISCOVERY OF THE SELF - a conversational workshop on understanding the ego as a tool for spiritual enlightenment.

Hope Van Joel

SPIRIT ANIMAL CROWNS - Come and let your imaginations run wild in this creative workshop for all ages. We will use our hands, our hearts and our heads while we guide each other to create our woodland spirit creatures. Come take an immersive journey with us through your third eye into your wild animal dreams. A little adult guidance needed for younger adventures.

Hannah Burt

'MAKE AND TAKE' DREAM CATCHERS - Creating your very own dream catchers, using natural materials to help capture bad dreams and transcend them into the ether.

Nichola Moore

SACRED BREATHWORK - Come and experience your own magical inner world through the awesome power of your breath! Conscious, controlled breathing is one of the easiest and most immediate ways to relax the nervous system.

Geo & Ben Ben

THE WORK THAT RECONNECTS - Discover a profound process to support you in facing the crises of our time.

The contributors have specifically designed the workshops to inspire you in these times.