The contributors include doctors, lecturers, artists and practitioners from a variety of academic, healing, meditation, massage and energywork disciplines. You are able to choose from a diverse workshop programme that includes Samhain ceremonies, expressive dance, shamanism, individual and group healing, Qi Gong, meditation, sacred singing and a full blue moon Halloween fancy dress party.

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Tony Samara

SAMHAIN BLUE MOON SATSANG - Explore and practise meditation together. Tony Samara: Preparing for and Integrating Future Change.

Chris Park, Druid

SAMHAIN CEREMONY 🌳🌑🌳 Gather together & honour the feast of Samhain - remembering the beloved dead, giving thanks and offerings to the gods, surrendering to the spirits of this time and divining for the future.

Andres Roberts

HOW DO WE GUIDE OUR LIVES WITH NATURE? Through this session we will explore the idea that people have come very far away from the natural patterns of nature, but if we could just reconnect with those natural patterns, life would flow in a much better way.

Ellen Kittredge

Saminchakuy - Healing with the Nectars of Nature. Come learn a simple yet powerful sacred exchange with nature that relieves stress, worries, upset, anxiety or any other type of heavy or difficult emotion or experience, bringing one "enlightenment" in all senses of that word!

Amy Atkins

BLUE  MOON CIRCLE  A moon inspired workshop about the Taurus full moon and how best to synchronise your life with it to harvest the most of its energy.

Billie de Melo Wood

DAILY RTUAL YOGA - In this session we will explore principles of daily practices and create ceremonial context moving fluidly between the mundane plane and divine expression, whilst retaining a deep sense of grounding and presence.


Latin, Reggae, AfroFunk with a Mystic Twist! An ecstatic, expressing our global spiritual and energetic transformation, Fantuzzi is an Ambassador of Joy and a Global Troubadour.

Maria Terra

THE GUARDIANS OF THE FOREST - Stories about Amazonia and the indigenous people, their traditions and way of living, and some specific projects with the Yawanawa villages. With trust and faith I walk my path, praying to my ancestors to remember what I´m here for…

Adam Frost

CONSCIOUS DANCE - Move together and include the light and the dark in our world, our lives, our bodies, and celebrate our freedom to move with it all.

Vee Owers

DEATH CAFE - A Death Cafe is a group directed discussion of death with no agenda, objectives or themes.  
Talking about death can be taboo, families and friends may avoid the topic. Death Cafe offers the opportunity to explore death in an accessible, respectful and confidential way.

Ravi Ji

Performing music that is the result of a lifetime exploring the edge, through world music, tribal cultures, throat singing and a journey that has taken him from India to the Amazon.

Sifu Matt Gross

SHAOLIN QI GONG - Sifu Matt Gross will be teaching various martial movements focused on developing flexibility, strength and balance. You will also practise meditative breathing exercises to promote the flow of energy in your body (Chi-Gung). 

Aleh Ferreira

SACRED SINGING CIRCLE – A PRAYER OF GRATITUDE FOR THIS LIFE UNDER THE SUN 🌞 Aleh's musical inspiration comes from the drums and melodies of the “terreiro” (the Umbanda centre) that gave birth to Samba and influenced modern music.

Sivani Mata

BHAKTI KIRTAN The yoga of love and devotion. Kirtan anchored in the teachings of Truth, Simplicity and Love.

Scott & Maria

Heart Awakening Music - Transformed by their kundalini energy journey together, Scott & Maria create acoustic music straight from the heart, immersed in soulful harmonies to raise the vibration & heal the heart. They take great inspiration from nature and the human journey. 

Sunny Davidson

During his time journeying with the sacred fire of Itzatchilatlan and drumming for tobacco circles over the last 15 years, Sunny Davidson has been blessed to learn many beautiful and powerful songs to honour the four sacred directions and invoke the spirits of the teacher plants.

Adrian Freedman

SACRED SINGING CIRCLE – A PRAYER OF GRATITUDE FOR THIS LIFE UNDER THE SUN 🌞 Adrian Freedman is a musician and composer specialising in the Japanese Zen shakuhachi flute. 

Paul Terrell

TIBETAN TANTRA YOGA WHITE MAGIC Learn a technique that can be used for multiple purposes such as self-healing, healing others, protecting yourself and your property, and manifestation.

Mira Khanya

Movement Medicine - an immersive dance meditation to an exquisite live Dj set of spiritually uplifting music


CHANTING FOR CHANGE - Learn Mantra medicine and heart opening chants from the path of bhakti yoga.

Lydia Baksh

Lydia Baksh is a mantric musician & folk singer-songwriter with a distinct, soothing voice that touches the soul. She weaves a rich tapestry of sound, carried by her acoustic guitar, and brings forth a “heart melting, healing experience”. She weaves a rich tapestry of sound, carried by her acoustic guitar, and brings forth a “heart melting, healing experience”.

The Twelve

THE TWELVE A feature length documentary by Le Ciel Foundation that gives a voice to wisdom traditions through the words of twelve Elders.

Zak Avery

PROTECTING THE BIOSPHERE - LIVING A SUSTAINABLE LIFESTYLE. This workshop will guide you on how to live a lifestyle with no repercussions, you'll learn how to live in harmony with the planet.

Rohan White

CONNECTING TO NATURE A talk on our native western folk traditions followed by a solstice blessing.

The contributors have specifically designed the workshops to support you in your development.