Our amazing contributors include druids, explorers, artists, doctors, musicians, lecturers, artists and practitioners from a variety of massage, healing, meditation and energywork disciplines.  

You are able to choose from a diverse programme that includes a vision quest, fire ceremonies, meditation, a cacao ceremony, lucid dreaming, vortex energy healing, yoga, expressive dance, tree hugging and sacred singing. 

There will be live music and DJs.

Ben Gross

Sacred Singing Circle & The Work That Reconnects" - Discover and experience your innate connection with others and the self-healing powers of the web of life, transforming despair and overwhelm into inspired, collaborative action.

Jote Prakash Singh

MEN'S SHARING CIRCLE We will look at 3 main topics: Sex, Money and Power. What is our relationship with these things? Do we have control? How has our relationship changed since we were younger? What do we still wish to improve on in the areas?

Ben Zaven Crane

THE PSYCHEDELIC RENAISSANCE: RESEARCH AND TRADITION A talk about the origins of the most tested compound in medical science. MOJO FILTER DJ SET Psychedelic dance music incorporating traditional icaros, incantations and melodies from indigenous cultures around the world evoking a heady space for transcendence and self-exploration.

Juliana Tramontana

MANIFESTING A MAGICAL LIFE - Create magic in your life with synchronicities and signs. WAYS OF SEEING - A workshop about the illusion of life we create with our perception of reality.

Emma Jane Shoesmith

SACRED SYMBOL ART - Create your own sacred symbol to charge with a specific intention and use as a tool in your own practice. LIMINAL FLOW - MOVEMENT MEDICINE - The space where dance meets yoga and you meet yourself. ENERGY MEDICINE CIRCLE - Tap into your own energy medicine - Be your own healer.


HOW CAN WE BECOME THE GIVE BACK GENERATION? Explore how, through the development of your character, humility, generosity and kindness, you can individually, and at a group level, become a Giveback Generation.

Dr Alex Pardhy M.D.

DISSOLVING SELF SABOTAGE - Go on a journey through your psyche to meet, understand and soothe the part of you that self sabotages, and then install powerful new software to create new habits.

Juliette Bryant

WINTER IMMUNE SUPPORT - Join Juliette as she shows you simple ways to support positive immune health through the food you eat. This will include ways to keep healthy through the Winter and supporting the gut. 

Thomas Peto

INTERCONNECTION Explore the connections that create our psyche and the interconnection between the inner and outer worlds.

Lydia Baksh

Lydia Baksh is a mantric musician & folk singer-songwriter with a distinct, soothing voice that touches the soul. She weaves a rich tapestry of sound, carried by her acoustic guitar, and brings forth a “heart melting, healing experience”. She weaves a rich tapestry of sound, carried by her acoustic guitar, and brings forth a “heart melting, healing experience”.

Mira Khanya

Movement Medicine - an immersive dance meditation to an exquisite live Dj set of spiritually uplifting music

Amy Atkins

MOON CIRCLE A moon inspired workshop about the phases of the moon and how best to synchronise your life with them to harvest the most of its energy.

Sifu Matt Gross

SHAOLIN QI GONG - Sifu Matt Gross will be teaching various martial movements focused on developing flexibility, strength and balance. You will also practise meditative breathing exercises to promote the flow of energy in your body (Chi-Gung). 

Kristina Evans

CACAO CEREMONY An opportunity to work with a plant medicine in a safe and held sacred space. Cacao opens the heart and facilitates expansion of awareness in order to move into right relationship with Self.

Sacred Singing Circle

Wider Horizons Sacred Singing Circle. Singing in the sacred space we create together, as an offering, giving thanks and celebrating the Spring, balance, new beginnings and growth, and making prayers and sending healing where it is needed.

Adam Frost

CONSCIOUS DANCE - Move together and include the light and the dark in our world, our lives, our bodies, and celebrate our freedom to move with it all.

James Mermagen

TRADITIONAL DRUIDIC SUMMER SOLSTICE CEREMONY on Saturday night from 8-9pm as the sun sets. EGO. THE ULTIMATE RED PILL. A journey down the ultimate rabbit hole: the deeply mysterious path to meet our true selves - the eternal being that lies beyond ego - free of the imposter that so desperately wants to be us.


AGNI HOTRA - SUNSET SPRING EQUINOX FIRE CEREMONY & CHANTING - a fire ritual described in ancient Vēdic scriptures which is performed to spiritually purify the atmosphere and reduce pollution and carried out at Sunrise and Sunset.

The contributors have specifically designed the workshops to support you in your development.