The contributors include professors, doctors, lecturers, artists and practitioners from a variety of massage, healing, meditation and energywork disciplines.

You are able to choose from a diverse workshop programme that includes lucid dreaming, expressive dance, individual and group healing, shared story-writing, martial arts and sacred singing.

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Dr Jessica Bockler

WATCHWORD MATRIX a Jungian game which reveals a unique map of your mind! AWAKENING THE TANDEN Karate movement sequences with wooden staff & sword

Louis Weinstock

THE MAGIC POWER OF GRIEF A space to grieve for the things we didn’t get as children, and to alchemise that grief into a source of magic and power for our adulthood.

Rina Golan

THE PURUSHARTHA - an ancient blueprint for living which forms the foundation of Yoga.

Rita Hraiz

SHAMANIC REALIGNMENT Learn techniques to help you get connected, clear and motivated.

Jimena Paratcha

ALIGN AND EXPAND Tools for grounding, centring and deeply connecting to align yourself with your purpose and become a naturally attuned force for good.

Zoe Cobb

THE FLOCKING A self-organising game, based on migrating animals

Erika Tourell

CULTIVATING LOVING KINDNESS learn how to use sacred sounds to evoke self-acceptance and compassion towards ourselves and others SUFI DANCE cultivate deep levels of awareness through movement YOGA FOR EVERY BODY self-care and nourishment

Rachel May

STORY BASED EXPLORATION OF LIFE How stories shape your life and how you can be the author

Jud Relf

JUST FOR FUN a wide variety of games, playing as individuals, pairs, teams and as a whole group

Marc Mabon

MUSES AND URGES exploring how cultures have used trance, dance and other techniques for transformation and illumination, and offering new ways to navigate your wild nature, instinctive urges and creative drives

The contributors have specifically designed the workshops to support you in your development.