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    I wrote this when I was on my early twenties, I was in a place where I felt vulnerable to the system and somehow I was falling defeated as I was witnessing how surrounded I was by sleeping lambs and energetically parasites, broken souls from the big City. I wrote it pleading for some sort of enlightenment or I guess to ground myself to hold on and not falling victim of the Capitalism and Imperialism. Seeking for something to help me not surrender. I am sharing this for whoever may feel alone and feeling like not belonging or feeling suffocated by the system in which sadly we live in. For whoever is seeking for a gentle touch of love from the Universe.

    It is called: AVE GAEA

    (Verse 1)
    I prayed the Lord, I have pleaded him cause I’m ill.
    I’ve fallen into the dark with no air to breath.
    I’m feeling lost with no other ways to turn;
    I wish an Angel could show me the path to take.

    (Bridge 1)
    I am confused and all alone, without a place to call home.
    So I stand on my knees every night and pray:

    Ave Gaea…Ave o Gaea.

    (Verse 2)
    I thirst for love, the only thing I really need.
    But I’ve only been soaked in hate and fear.
    What is the cost for a taste of kindness?
    Father, why don’t you hold me in your hands?

    (Bridge 2)
    I am exhausted to still believe, to try to reach the light within.
    So I stand on my knees every night and pray:

    Ave Gaea… Ave o Gaea.

    I wonder if I’ll find the meaning of my life,
    or perhaps I cried in vain.
    Will be there someone to warm up my heart?
    The meaning of my being…
    God! I’ve got to understand!

    (Bridge 3)
    Will I be loved in the end? Got no answers in this silence,
    so I stand on my knees tonight and pray:

    Ave Gaea.. Ave o Gaea. AVE GAEA..

    Remember you are not alone! And for what is worth Uncle Bear loves you sooooooooooo much! Whoever you may be; wherever you may are.

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    Thank you for sharing this uncle bear.

    Your words are so moving and they speak to a part of me that I keep hidden away, so thank you for giving us your song as a way to express it.

    We are here for you, we Love Youuuuuu Toooo!! I imagined you singing it all :)

    Can you please tell me if Ave o Gaea means ‘Mother Earth’? What is Aveeee o gaea, because I sing her like, Aveeeeeee ooooo Gaaaaeeaaaaaa (Christina Aguilera stylie) I know you know what I mean :L :D

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