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    Please be free to use this space to give feedback, offer insights and communicate about the event!


    ELIH is a next-gen soul singer with roots in his heart and warmth in his voice.

    His earthy yet radiant mix of ethno-blues, folky elements and world music carries the soul and arises an authentic, uplifting ambience. Selected Instruments and his sultry voice are creating magical moments, that rock and resonate within.
    Strong like a tree and soft like waves he builds a loving atmosphere that invites everyone to immerse and sing along, co-creating a cheerful community. Dancing feet are welcome too!

    Meet this special musician and enjoy manifold music from the hand and the heart ♥

    Kirsty Ka
    Kirsty Ka offers music medicine, connecting hearts, to the heart of the earth and the heart of Creation. She shares songs from various lineages gratefully learnt with community, elders and indigenous wisdom keepers around the world. She also sings original and ancestral channelled songs.

    Kirsty finds much peace, lightness and empowerment with sacred music and in sharing it with others, especially supporting with unifying, healing and opening our voices. She offers music medicine programs, online music and earth-based wisdom courses as well as retreats, trainings and ceremonies to supports people’s greater visions, joy and wholeness. Kirsty sees sacred music increasingly touching the heart of humanity and supporting greater harmony on Earth.

    To connect in more with Kirsty Ka:
    FB @kirstyka
    Insta @kirstyka.earthmusicmedicine
    SoundCloud – Kirsty Ka. Here’s a recently recorded original song: https://soundcloud.com/…/chuyay-song-to-the-divine…

    Jont’s songs are medicine the world needs now. Rooted in the experience of love & the healing of trauma, they are deeply personal and genuinely universal.

    Uplifting. Intimate. Vulnerable. Inspiring. Honest. These are words that describe the music and performances of British-born troubadour Jont.

    Jont has been singing and playing music for more than 20 years with nine studio albums and landing songs in movies and television along the way. He is the force behind Unlit, impromptu live performances held in people’s homes worldwide that reached millions on YouTube, and most recently the healing and soulful gatherings of intentional music known as Gentle Warrior Sacred Song Ceremonies.
    Utterly individual and engaging, his musical energy is radiant and contagious, touching a place of longing for what’s good, joyful and true.


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