Address                  The Woodland, Wasing Park, Wasing Lane, Aldermaston, Berkshire, RG7 4NG

Maps and Directions

by train

Midgham Train Station is only 2 miles (10 minutes) from the venue but doesn’t have a taxi rank.

Thatcham Train Station is just over 5 miles (16 minutes) from the venue.

Newbury Train Station is about 9 miles (25 minutes) from the venue.

Reading Train Station is about 11 miles (26 minutes) from the venue.

by car

Driving directions from Aldermaston using the map entitled “The Wasing Estate”

The red road in the top right is where you will enter the map having just come from (through) Aldermaston.  Turn left up the track when you see a gate on your left as you are driving through a mini hamlet of a few buildings and houses.  Please ensure you have your invite/ticket with you as you will need it at the gate.  Then follow the black line marked on the map to The Woodland which is the red area.