Summer Gathering


Woodland Woodland

Wasing Park

Wasing Lane




Maps and Directions


You can click on map to open in Google Maps

Click HERE for the pin for the gathering spot

Please come through the entrance at the Cricket Pavilion – RG7 4LY.  Please don’t come through the main entrance for Wasing Park as it leads to a wedding venue.

By Train

Midgham Train Station is only 3 miles (20 minutes on foot) from Wasing Woodland but doesn’t have a taxi rank.  To get to Midgham one changes at Reading.

To get to Reading from London you go from Paddington. From other cities, towns, villages, or hedges you’ll need to google how to get to Reading from the where  it is that you are.

It’s a doable walk from Midgham, which is much easier when you’ve already done it.  Enter the first white gates to Wasing Park that you see – at the crossroads, just after a little bridge over a lovely little river, about 10 mins walk down the road from the station – and walk up the hill, past the farm buildings, and down the other side.  At the top of the hill go right and then left through the gate at the barnyard when you see big farm warehouses and tractors and farm stuff.  Walk through the farm yard and then you’ll see the camp. You then walk down the hill to us.

Thatcham Train Station is 6 miles (10 minutes by taxi) from Wasing Woodland.

Newbury Train Station is about 9 miles (15 minutes by taxi) from Wasing Woodland.

Reading Train Station is about 11 miles (20 minutes by taxi) from Wasing Woodland.

Shuttle Service from Midgham Station

We will run a shuttle service from 10.30am to 12.00pm from Midgham Train Station to Wasing Woodland on Friday and from Wasing Woodland to Midgham Station from 5.30pm to 7pm on Sunday.  If you have to arrive or leave earlier you can walk or  book a local taxi.

By Car

Lift Shares (Car Pooling)

Car pooling is a great way to help save the planet.

If you would like to offer a ride or ask for a lift you can do this via our Liftshare Thread on the website here –🌅-transformational-gathering-for-young-adults-winter-warmer-2022/, Or via our FB Group – click the #liftshare topic or you’ll find it easily as the post is pinned to the top of our Facebook group

Driving directions from Aldermaston using the map entitled “The Wasing Estate”

The red road in the top right is where you will enter the map having just come from (through) Aldermaston.  Look out for a black sign saying “Wasing Woodland Venue” on the right hand side of the road as you are driving through a mini hamlet of a few buildings and houses.  Turn left up the track through the gate.  Please ensure you have your invite/ticket with you as you will need it.  Then follow the black line marked on the map to The Woodland which is the red area.

Walking to Wasing Woodland from Midgham Station a pied on foot

Below is a map of how to walk from Midgham station to the gathering:

Ask at the station for the road to Wasing Park.  Walk down that road. After you go over a small bridge over a lovely little river you will see white gates marked Wasing Park.   You have to turn left and then immediately right.  You’ll see the gates.  Walk up to the top of the hill. Trn right.  the  turn left into a farm barnyard where there are farm warehouses. Walk along the track road past the barnyard  and then you will be at the top of the hill on the other side.  Look down and you will see the camp of Wasing Woodlands.  Walk down to the camp.