Ostara Online Spring Equinox Transformational Gathering

Sat 20th & Sun 21st March



Our Spring Equinox Gathering will be a celebration of the return of our own light & energy and the richness of our internal garden, awakening now the hibernation season is over. The veil between the spiritual and physical world is thinner at the equinoxes so it is a time when we can receive visions, a time to come out of your cocoon, cleanse out stagnant energy within the self and home, and plant seeds of new beginnings. Connecting with our deeper longing, visions and purpose does not require that one knows the answers to all of our questions, because it’s only in not knowing that we can be truly receptive and it’s only in being receptive that we can truly discover, learn, evolve and transform.

We set an intention for transformation, catalysed by wondrous workshops, sacred ceremony and mellifluous music. Practise tools for self-care and healing, raise your consciousness around the latest social, eco and sacred activist issues, and learn about cutting-edge discoveries in medicine, psychology, spirituality and philosophy. There’s Dance Medicine on Saturday night and music from Sophie Barker and DJ La Plage. Meet the contributors and participants on zoom or join the Wider Horizons Facebook group to watch.

Workshops and entertainment run from Saturday at 10am to Sunday at 11pm

Donations go to our wonderful contributors and The Earth Community Trust *


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Wider Horizons gatherings bring together like-minded young adults looking for a fuller, deeper purpose in their journey through life. They are an opportunity for benevolent brains to combine in creativity, explore the mysteries of life and learn from some of the greatest minds and experts in their field around all things mystical and conscious. Our aim to is equip young adults with tools for self-care and the knowledge and confidence to embrace life with optimism and belief in the unbridled magic we all possess.

*Donations go to Wider Horizons and the contributors via the Earth Community Trust. Please donate to support artists and events at this time. We’re also raising money for the Earth Community Trust to unite people and planet.


If you donate more than £13 you will be entitled to one year’s free membership of the Scientific and Medical Network (SMN). This is only available to the first 37 people who donate more than £13 – first come first served – please message us to let us know. The benefits of membership include access to our extensive collection of talks, book reviews and discussion forums. The SMN is primarily valued as a network where people meet, discuss, and explore topics of mutual interest in the area of post-materialist science and evidence-based spirituality. We spotlight books published by our membership and members can have articles published on the website. Membership gives the opportunity to attend conferences and local events at early bird rates, as well as access to the Paradigm Explorer emagazine published three times a year.

The Equinox

The sun only rises exactly in the East and sets exactly in the West on two days of the year – the Autumn and Spring equinoxes. On the equinoxes the night and day are equal in length, balanced, because the line of the equator directly faces the sun. It is both the Autumn Equinox and Spring Equinox at the same time, depending whether you are in Glastonbury or at Ayers Rock. The Earth is looking to the Sun. Maybe she’s saying, “Hi, beautiful star, thanks for all the light!” And…

The Sun never says to the Earth, “You owe me.”

Look what happens with a love like that –

It lights the whole sky.

Hafiz C14

This Spring Equinox, may you be balanced as you transition with the seasons, overcome desire and love unconditionally. 🦩

Infinite Love

The Wider Horizons Family

The Ostara Spring Equinox Transformational Gathering is being held online. Imagine an area by a beautiful lake within a gathering. Online festivals are a new adventure for these times, creating connection through the arts, music and sharing what inspires us, whoever we are, not limited by space and time. We will host live music, workshops, talks, debates, inspiring stories, films, storytelling, wild crafts, Indigenous elders and lots more. In the Zooms you can interact with the contributors, musicians and fellow participants connecting with old friends and new. You can also join our FB Group to access the event.

We are asking for donations to support the artists and the team at Wider Horizons who give a lot to make this all happen. You can make donations here. www.justgiving.com/fundraising/whostara Donations go to Wider Horizons and the contributors via the Earth Community Trust.

The workshops are designed to help you open new parts of yourself.  The contributors include lecturers, shamans, artists and other practitioners from a variety of healing disciplines. You are able to choose from a diverse programme that includes sacred activism, nature connection, expressive dance, individual and group healing, yoga, meditation and sacred singing.  As well as learning new skills, you will have opportunities to explore questions about who we are and the mysteries of consciousness and our relationship with the physical world. Alternative views of the nature of the mind and the universe will be presented.

We invite everyone to connect with each other as an expression of nature.

Evening celebrations will involve music, singing, drumming and dancing. Bring instruments, drums, percussion and dancing feet.