Alex Szepietowski

Manifesting Financial Abundance

How would life be different if you didn’t need to think about putting food on the table?

Is it a choice between pursuing our spiritual path/gifts and generating financial abundance?

Is it possible to even make financial abundance an essential part of your spiritual path?

This workshop will help shine a light on the beliefs and barriers which no longer serve who you are today and the transformational impact you want to make on the world – leaving you more free to create, play and make even more of a difference in the areas that matter to you.

Please bring a pen & paper.


Like many of us, Alex grew up in a home environment where money was extremely limited, was never to be discussed and caused a huge amount of upset.
The desire to never want to experience this again was a strong motivator!

Alex started his property business without knowledge or capital whilst at University, and went on to purchase 30 properties within the first few years. Having had some success, Alex started working with others so they could enjoy more time, choice and freedom in their lives. He was invited to give a TEDx talk titled ‘Design Your Dream Life Through Passive Income.’ Much to his disbelief this has been watched over 3 million times and was chosen as one of the 5 best TEDx talks on personal finance – above Bill Gates and Robert Kiyosaki.

Alex has spent the last few years living and learning with different spiritual teachers, and indigenous peoples all over the world. Following this, he is coming back to the wealth creation/financial freedom space focusing more on working with those in the spiritual community. The intention is that as a result of different relationship with money, and with more financial abundance, we can each further unlock our unique and innate gifts – and make the difference that we want to and that the world that is so badly crying out for.