Ameet Mehta

Sensemaking (and Collective Presence) 👥  Ameet Mehta 

Excerpt – How to learn together to make sense of our world in our post-truth reality?

How do we make sense of our world in our post-truth reality? 

In this workshop, we will inquire about how we make better sense of the world, the role of self-awareness and personal sovereignty, the importance of inter-relational skills, and more generalised meaning making in a complex, post-truth world.

The core of the workshop will be to practice making sense collectively and relationally — a space to have a live evolutionary dialogue.  

Ameet Mehta  is a dreamer, startup entrepreneur, systems thinker who has spent his career working on projects at the “edge of innovation.”  His most recent decade of projects have involved the use of social technologies to impact systems:  internal innovation in large organisations, knowledge sharing inside the Canadian healthcare sector, and currently, “learning how to learn together” with high school students through a group, inquiry-based approach (Inspiral Education).

Ameet’s focus with Wider Horizons is to shed light on making better sense of the world through inquiry and practice of relational sense making skills, based on his commercial, educational and life experiences.