Andres Roberts

How do We Guide Our Lives with Nature?

We live in extraordinary times; the world seems to go faster and become more unpredictable and more complicated all the time. How do we find direction when the ground is so unsteady? Through this session we will explore the idea that people have come very far away from the natural patterns of nature, but if we could just reconnect with those natural patterns, life would flow in a much better way.  We will take time to step back and consider the wisdom of the seasons – exploring how things grow, but also how they fade again to become something new. And we will ask, “Can we live wiser lives by living in harmony with the seasons?”


Andres is a guide, educator and leadership advisor working towards new forms of human progress, with nature. His work brings together innovative approaches to leadership and change, wisdom from ancient cultures and deep work with nature to support more generative forms of living and working for our times. He is the founding partner of The Bio-Leadership Project and co-founder of Way of Nature UK, a project that works with contemporary rites of passage to support deep transformation.

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