Project Description

Athena Constantinou

WORKSHOP Gathering awareness -Releasing awareness

A toolbox of self modulating techniques.

We are all entangled with each other and now we want to modulate behaviour. Feedback consciousness supporting individuation.

A presentation of techniques and experiential practice that includes exercises in breath , movement and stillness.
Deep listening and colour perception including viewing of therapeutic strobe.
Examining consciousness, modulating between restraint and Immersive engagement, we can establish a sense of agency to inform releasing or gathering as self modulating behaviour.
Being open to experience the nature of reality in safe harmony with yourself and others.
In the workshop we will be gathering awareness and releasing awareness.
    We begin with movement and stillness. Defining ‘I’ in the space. Finding an active space that feels right to us in both stillness and movement. We notice colour.
    We identify the five resonaters in the body that work with breath , beginning by sounding breath , forming notes we strengthen that sound finally releasing breath and sound as utterance . Finding and sounding words in a seamless free flow , words found from looking out from that vast open space within us.
     And we begin listening, the awareness now reflecting the space outside our being , deep listening that comes from separating the sounds of the room , its inhabitants , the space outside. Distant sounds aurally observed equally as those close to. We project ourselves into distant awareness as we place our thoughts outside our being using sound as an anchor.
    From here we begin to see colour.We look at colour as completeness. Removing all qualities of physical difference to balance all things in colours , as sound is always sound , changing only in its qualities, we look at the colour of everything likewise.
    Viewing the therapeutic strobe we perceive colours we cannot ordinarily see. We use the strobe to centre awareness as a group to enhance creative consciousness and in many cases see indescribable colours of varying permanence and intensity.
    Then with movement again , the discovery of active intersections with others, modulating between restraint and immersive,  we engage our body , breath , perceptions of sounds and colours , as feedback to inform gathering awareness and releasing awareness. Establishing a sense of agency. Being open to experience the nature of reality in safe harmony with yourself and others.