Billie de Melo Wood

Life Drawing Taught Through the Tantric Gaze 

Taking yoga off the mat and understanding ourselves and our relationships through learning traditional life drawing techniques. Life drawing engages our senses and tools of perception as well negotiating our creative choices and inhibitions. We are challenged and inspired in equal measure encouraged to let go into the the tantric dance on our page.  A range of dry materials are provided but paint is welcome for  those who have their own.


Billie was introduced to Vipassana meditation at 8 years old and was deeply touched by the Dharma at 18. That same year she trained as a yoga teacher and has been teaching ever since. 

Billie is a healer and artist with both vocations being rooted by her practice as a Yoga therapist, Acupuncturist and Chinese medicine practitioner. 

Billie holds transformational retreats from her home, on the edge of the Cotswolds where she lives with her beloved partner and cat. Here she studies herbs and together they are cultivating a medicinal herb garden. 

Website address

Instagram @yoga.soup