Project Description

Act For Life – Yoga with Billie De Melo Wood

Saturday 20th March 12 – 1.30pm

Act For Life is a workshop for 18-25s, to design and create a personal daily ritual that promotes mental and physical wellbeing. This pivotal time of life is the perfect moment for young adults to establish themselves in positive and inspirational habits. In a world that sometimes seem motivated by money and status, success can often end up being measured in material things alone. In this workshop we focus on creating contexts that allow us to step away from unhelpful inherited notions of success, and move towards opening ourselves to a deeply personal and vital expression of life.

We cover different aspects of the tantric yoga system beyond postures and breathing, such as visualisation, meditation, sound and space. Participants will be invited to share with the group, discuss their understanding and experiences with healthy habits, and there will be an opportunity for questions at the end.



Yoga Teacher

Daoist Medicine Practitioner

“Billie was introduced to Vipassana meditation at 8 years old, and took her first Vipassana silent meditation course at 18. A couple of months later she trained as a yoga teacher and has been regularly meditating and teaching since.

As a teenager Billie felt dissatisfaction towards the world around her and at 18 suffered from PTSD and depression after being violently attacked. These challenges pushed her to seek out tools which helped bring balance and clarity to her life, by grace, becoming the catalyst to her yoga and healing journey.

Her classes mainly focus on specialised yoga including pre and post natal, family classes, kids and teens, mental wellbeing for 18-25’s, restorative, yin and yoga therapy. She currently runs an online Yoga timetable that offers accessible yoga classes to her community. Billie is doing a diploma in herbal medicine and a further Yoga Therapy training.

Billie has a BSc Hons in Integrated Chinese Medicine and runs a private practice from her home in Wiltshire, where she lives with her partner. Together they are cultivating a medicinal herb garden and sacred space to host transformative retreats.”

Photography by @a_r_b