Carolyn Wade

Stay Calm and Breathe On

Get ready to level up your BREATH game in this workshop! We’re diving into the fascinating world of your breathing patterns, comparing the daytime vibes to those nocturnal rhythms. Ever wondered about the autonomic nervous system (NS)? Well, we’re decoding it together, so you can master the art of self-regulation. And here’s the kicker – we’re not just talking about it; we’re putting it into action with four killer Breath techniques. Plus, because we’re all about making life easy, every participant gets an exclusive link to my free app. That way, you can keep the daily practice rolling and turn breathwork into your superpower. See you there! 3- Description in one sentence Get ready to level up your BREATH game in this engaging workshops, where we’ll explore your breathing patterns, compare daytime to night time vibes, delve into the autonomic nervous system for self-regulation, practice four killer breath techniques. all participants a link for daily practice – turning breath work into your superpower!


Carolyn Wade is a holistic self-care coach, passionately equips clients with stress reduction tools through her transformative sessions integrating 9D breath-work, energy alignment, and daily rituals. Offering personalized and group sessions, she employs four holistic modalities, including the Energy Alignment Method (EAM) for releasing stress and achieving clarity. As a certified Goal Mapping Coach, Carolyn guides individuals in setting and achieving goals using a whole-brain tool. Her approach involves visualizing goals, identifying emotional motivations, action planning, and cultivating support networks. Additionally, Carolyn specializes in Biomagnetism, utilizing strategically placed high-field-strength magnets to promote bioenergetic balance, regulate pH, stimulate immune function. Her comprehensive methodology fosters well-being and lasting positive change


“Carolyn created such a safe space that I could relax my mind, body and soul to a new level.”