Celtic Breton Music & Dances

Druid Lore, Celtic Dance & Storytelling

Learn to dance Celtic Breton line and circle dances.

Brittany is full of Druidic lore, woodland and lake magic, megalithic monuments and rich folk traditions.

Community dances are still regular events, where old and young all turn up to move together to the sound of the pipes and song. In old times of earthen floors, when a new family’s house was completed, folks would gather together and make special dances inside to firm the floor and fill the abode with music, song and celebration. The dances are wide and varied, grounded in lyric and rhythm of a particular Celtic flavour. The dances of Brittany and France can be entrancing, communal, romantic and infectious!


Chris Park is a Druid, artist, musician and storyteller, immersed and versed in the ancient lore and wisdom traditions of the Isles of Britain. He is a folk singer and muliti-instrumentalist, specialising in pipes, whistles and flutes and various strings, mainly versed in British folk music and song, with a passion for Breton and French music too.

He lives in a luxurious hedge with a wayward family surrounded by beehives and organic farmland in the Vale of the White Horse. There he teaches and researches old ways and new. Hosting community ceremony, working with bees and apitherapy, fostering peace and seeking an ever renewed sense of purpose and service.