Chris Fitchew


Chris Fitchew is part jester, part comedian, full joy alchemist, and space holder who has traveled the world to hone his crafts, including working with plant medicines in Peru, vortex energy healing and working with many other great teachers and Wisdom Sharers. He believes that one of the greatest access points in finding our purpose and self-healing is through laughter, joy, and play; for ourselves, our communities, and uniting the human race.

He is the founder and creative director of Wonderment and Soul Pride, which both host annual Retreat Festivals at Wasing Woods, as well as other events throughout the year in the UK and abroad. Wonderment has also partnered with other conscious communities and festivals such as Medicine & &Soul.

He is often invited to hold space, talks, and presentations at wellness and conscious events such as The Alchemistic Conference, and Mind Body Soul and has also held circles and events at Medicine Festival, Buddahfield, Secret Garden Party, Wider Horizons, Rock Oyster, Burning Man, Boom Town, and Wilderness.

He also hosts and curates cabarets, theatre shows, and festival arenas around the world, curating bespoke immersive experiences for every event, harnessing Joy Alchemy as he goes. His show “Wasingles; Search for the Soul Mate” crafted for Wasinga and Medicine, took on a life of its own in 2022/23, connecting countless souls across the UK in over 12 festivals throughout the year. He looks forward to expanding this in 2024.

His event company Wonderment Events has been responsible for producing a wide range of immersive and exciting events and experiences that are designed to invoke the senses and inspire the soul, merging the world of spirituality and mainstream fun and games whilst inviting consumers to be conscious, without banging too many drums.

He is also a humanist celebrant who has enjoyed uniting souls in divine union as well as naming ceremonies, handfasting and life celebrations.

Journey to Joy

Our spiritual journey, personal development path and self-mastery adventure can sometimes lead us down some dark, scary roads, deep within, as we confront our shadow self, whilst gathering the wisdom we need to understand who we are, why we are here and what are our purposes.

With our ever-changing world, and new dimensional frequency shifts being felt more and more each day, it is important to be able to align our own metaphysical and inner emotional systems with these changes.

Honouring and balancing our natural cycles of yin and yang by knowing how to navigate from deep yin states of contemplation and reflection, which may sometimes stir our shadow emotions of lack, sorrow, sadness anxiety, and fear, but then having the tools to be able to quickly pivot into yang states of happiness, love, gratitude, joy, and wonder. Joy Alchemy is the process of transforming negative emotions and experiences into positive ones, particularly joy. This may involve cultivating gratitude, mindfulness, and self-awareness, among other practices. A keynote talk on Joy Alchemy may explore these concepts in more depth and provide practical tools for cultivating joy in everyday life.

Exploring the “Fool’s Journey” by way of play, spontaneous silliness and wonderment, the JOY ALCHEMY key not talk from Joy Alchemist Chris Fitchew is a beautiful oxytocin-inducing masterclass that gives us the pivoting tools to master our emotions and master a positive outlook.


Being at one with, and owning our Queerness & it’s importance, purpose & power within tribe & an integrated Community. Soul Pride’s queer circles are heartfeltly open to anyone who identifys as Queer (LGBTQIA++) and our allies, as we welcome everyone and anyone who feels called to explore & connect their queerness in our beautiful, safe, secure and celebratory space.

We will start with a deep and binding meditation connecting ourselves to each other, our true selves, our ancestors and our wider community.

The aim is to strengthen our ability to connect to our divine true selves, our oneness, as we dance around a united aspect of connecting Yin AND Yang, Divine Masculine AND Divine Feminine, Light AND Shadow, above AND below and honour and celebrate our Queerness. Join us in our collective process of removing past (this life and previous lives) patterns of guilt and shame; creating joy, harmony and self love from self and society imposed harm and destruction. Workshop, talk, open discussion and check in hosted by Soul Pride – the retreat festival that welcomes folks from the LGBTQIA community alongside allies.