DJ Jon Bongly

Drumming for all abilities;
This workshop is aimed at (but not exclusively for) beginners. Jon will be sharing a method for listening to and understanding beats, using a simple technique to create rhythms that fit within and complement other rhythmic patterns.
Jon is a master of rhythm! He has years of experience performing in various bands playing Rhythm & Blues, Jazz, African, and Latin styles. Jon plays kit, Latin congas, and African djembe.

Please bring a drum if possible.

Bongly DJ set;
One of the early pioneers of electro swing, retro remix and world beats in the UK, Jon is a force of positive energy, spinning remixed beats including swing, funk, soul, ska, UK Garage and assorted electronica. He also likes pulsing techno and wriggling tropical beats.


In 2022 Jon played at Big Love Festival in Wales, Small World Spring Festival, Give!, Friarstock, and continued his residency at The Magic Garden in Battersea. During the last few years Jon has played at Glastonbury, the Isle Of Wight Festival, Latitude, YNot, Give! and Sundown festivals. He has performed regularly at Boomtown, Womad, Glastonbury, Secret Garden Party, Istanbul Jazz Festival, Artisti in Piazza and Django Festivals in Pennabilli, Italy, and Cloud Cuckoo Land, as well as Festival Number 6, Glade, Strawberry Fair, Harlequin Fayre, Big Love, Bimble Bandada and Small World festivals, with numerous appearances at the London Remixed Festival. He has supported Parov Stelar at a sold-out gig at the Forum in Kentish Town, London, and travelled regularly to the famous Babylon Club in Istanbul to perform marathon Friday night sets. He supported French act ‘Zaz’ in KüçükÇiftlik Park, Istanbul, performing before a crowd of about 8,000.

He has played alongside: Parov Stelar * The Correspondents * Dirty Honkers * Swing Republic * Sweet Life Society * Gypsy Hill * Bart & Baker * DJ Chris Tofu * Kormac * Grant Lazlo * Dutty Moonshine * Phil Mac * Jamie Berry * Electric Swing Circus * Kid Kasino & Shea Soul * Odjbox * World’s Tallest DJ * C@ In The H@ * Big Swing Soundsystem * Elle & The Pocket Belles + Mista Trick * Jamie Berry * Ecklectic Mick * The Chicken Brothers * Smerins Anti-Social Club * The Egg * DJ Switch * Will & the People * Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer * John Fairhurst * The Turbans * Duncan Disorderly & the Scallywags * Sashi & the Wildbeans * Too Many Ts.

He was a seasoned regular behind the decks at the legendary Electro Swing Club in London, as well as having a twelve-year residency at The Magic Garden in Battersea, and has run regular nights ‘Secret Swing’ and ‘Swing Loaded’.

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Bongly DJ set;
I’ve got to say here as a veteran Womadian, I thought DJ bingly bongly’s sets were two of the best sets music-wise at Womad last year, defo something good in each set no matter what music you’re into , he reaches back and forth thru time and mixes it together with a bit more bass to bring it all right up to date, fantastic. miss at your peril!
Mike Cahill

Jon Bongly; Drumming workshop;
“Jon the drummer is a delightful guy who kept the guests entertained well into the night.”
– Ministry of Defence Ball

“It was a revelation to see how such well-chosen music can communicate to people and its holistic and therapeutic effect – so much more so than I had previously realised.”
– Shoreditch Business Network