Dr Saskia Von Diest

Ecofluency: (Re)learning Nature Communication

This is an introductory workshop in Ecofluency, the science, art and magic of Nature communication.
Come and learn the basic principles for safely & clearly communicating with animals, plants, insects,
microbes, water, rocks, nature spirits and all other Nature.
We are all born with this skill – we are Nature – many of us have just forgotten how to use it.
Remembering and refining it will help bring more health, happiness and co-creative harmony into your
and all of life’s relationships on Earth, including with our beloved Earth herself.
No previous experience required, and BYOB – bring your own beliefs!

Dr Saskia von Diest is the founder of Ecofluency, through which she consults, facilitates, educates, offers
research advice and is an activist, in Nature communication.
After completing her PhD in plant pathology in 2013, Saskia held two collaborative postdoctoral
research fellowships at Stellenbosch University in South Africa, and at Coventry University, UK (2014-
2020) to investigate intuitive farm management decision-making.
With 13 years of experience in teaching & facilitating in various forms, she now offers consulting and
education in Nature communication worldwide, for individuals and organisations. She also promotes the
work of other practitioners & researchers in Nature communication, for collective healing and

collective healing and transformation: www.ecofluency.org

Facebook: Ecofluency
Instagram: @ecofluency
Twitter: @ecofluency