Ellen Kittredge and Dan Leak

Ellen Kittredge is a Nutrition Counsellor, Minister, Energy Healer and Practitioner of Andean Nature Mysticism. Ellen works holistically with her clients to provide healing at all levels of their being (physical, emotional, and spiritual). Ellen wears many hats, but in the realm of Andean Nature Mysticism, she has been on a course of extensive study over the last 9 years in indigenous Andean healing modalities, and has taught earth based honouring practices to more than 250 people over the last 5 years through various trainings, workshops and healing intensives. She regularly leads earth-honouring ceremonies, and delights in the opportunity to be in nature and commune with the wisdom of the earth. She recently moved to the Uk to set up a home with her husband, Dan Leak.


Dan Leak: “I am a gardener and photographer, using my gardening work as a way of offering connection to place and my photography as a way of drawing attention to the inner realm of plants and landscape.  For nearly a decade I studied in monasteries in Northern India with an intention to translate Tibetan texts as a career, until I was saved from becoming a cerebral professional Buddhist and advised to answer my calling to the land in the more earthy temples of flower beds and rose gardens.”


We will share in the form of a conversation together, our experience as a couple of the meeting of nature offering practices from the Andean and Vajrayana traditions. In particular we will discuss nature offering practices as a path of connection to our true nature and how these two mountain traditions from either side of the planet both require from us, and result in, the cultivation of the Heart.

What we have found as we’ve explored the differences and similarities between these traditions is that nature offering practices are accessible and relevant to anybody. In addition to conversation and sharing, we will also be teaching a simple offering practice that anyone can do.