George Monkhouse LicAc MBAcC

Morning qigong to wake up like a badass.

George will talk you through some Shaolin Chi Kung to stretch out the whole body and effectively condition your connective tissues, muscles, organs and joints so you feel ready to embrace the day in the best way.

Chi Kung is a remedial movement practice that combines breathwork with movement and mindfulness, concentrating on health of the cardiovascular, nervous, musculoskeletal and visceral (vital organ) systems.


George is an acupuncturist, natural health expert, innovating entrepreneur, adventurer and nature lover.

He has sought out natural self-care techniques that don’t require equipment or other people for over 15 years, so that he and others can look after ourselves well together. These methods are chosen for their ability to create life-changing effects quickly, with many people leading busy lifestyles in these modern times.

“Highly recommended! Insightful and thorough self care routine by a dedicated and caring master.” Nick Osipczak, former UFC fighter.

Previous Workshops
George’s previous workshops at Wider Horizons have included talking through his own self-care system, “The Path of Balance and Harmony”, breaking down lifestyle and dietary habits or ‘medicines’ that build long term health through the principle of Cleaning and Strengthening, and Daoist Meditation, to lead you into the new week and world with outrageous vitality.