George Sargent-Childs

“I did my yoga teacher training with Daizan Roshi in 2018. The training was based in the Zen Buddhist tradition, yet gave me the understanding and freedom to explore all pathways and find my own unique style of teaching. For the past 7 years my passion for Yoga has seeped unto every aspect of my life… encountering many teachers and guides over the years from India and the UK, I aim in my classes to imbue each student with the passion I’ve found for human movement and the depths of our human potential. Yoga has become my highest passion, leading the University of the West of England Yoga society, and teaching at studios around Bristol, I continue to learn and explore and bring others alongside me in the journey.”


Moving fast, moving slow… Creating a space of exploration, curiosity & play.  Using spontaneous explorative movement, pranayama, qigong, yoga asana & mantra to deepen our sense of FEELING and recognise the unfolding connection between our breath, body, and mind.