Hannah Burt

Willow Crown

From start to finish, making your own Willow Crown, adorning with flowers, herbs and raw materials. You will get to learn to how make a small willow hoop, to your head size, weaving in extra willow to hold the shape, then allowing your creativity to flow with the dressing of flowers, herbs, ferns and feathers!

Small Foraging Basket

There could not be a more wholesome way to forage, than with your very own willow basket! You will get to learn different types of weaving techniques, and gain a quick intro into basketry, as well as an understanding of how pliable willow is to make such a strong, natural, eco, sustainable carrier.

Fractal Bird-feeders

These beautiful bird feeders are ideal for fat-balls, to feed your winged friends in the garden. You will get to learn another style of willow weaving, with a simple method, gaining more understanding to the art of willow and her endless gifts. Your creation will hang proud in the garden, as you marvel your creation. All of which, is sustainably sources, harvested and grown locally.


I am excited to weave with you, as you get to design and make your very own willow creation to take home! The skill itself is very rewarding, and an art to learn, but also therapeutic. Weaving willow has taught me many things; she is strong, flexible, medicinal and exceptionally creative!