Project Description

Hannah Jewel

Cultivating Soft Power

In this workshop we experience what it is to be seen and witnessed by each other. We experience boundaries and how they allow us to be soft inside their structures. We connect ourselves to earth and to heaven, to our own hearts and integrate the three. With movement, voice and gesture – we celebrate what it is to be soft and powerful at once.

Hannah Jewel is a practicing shaman, healer and educator. She has been teaching mindfulness and dance since 1998, as well as maintaining a clinical practice. Areas of expertise include somatic education, Sufi dancing, energy therapies, talking therapies, dance/movement/yoga and shamanic healing. She is a certified teacher of Polarity Therapy, Reiki, Relaxation and Craniosacral Therapy. Hannah holds a BFA in Choreography and Performance, an MA in Dance Anthropology and a PhD in Ritual and Movement Studies. She has lectured at The University of East London, Southampton Solent and The University of Surrey. Current projects include a new book due  out in Sep/Oct!