Project Description

James Mermagen, Druid

Samhain Ceremony Livestream from Stone Circle   

With opportunities for audience participation

Sun Nov 1st 11am

In modern times, Samhain has taken on a more personal tone in which many people set it aside as a time of year to let old attachments, stories and beliefs die, paving a way for the new. Like the caterpillar that dissolves and “dies” in its cocoon, Samhain is a time to welcome the dissolution of illusions and paths that have no heart.  James and a group of druids will be livestreaming a Samhain Ceremony from the Chaucer Barn Stone Circle in Northernmost Norfolk, and there will be opportunities for audience participation, so please join the zoom!

James Mermagen lives with his partner Ruth and their two children at the barns he converted on his farm in north Norfolk. Part retreat, part mystery school, Chaucer Barn – when not hosting weddings – holds retreats which explore the infinite potential of magic within every individual. Solstice and Equinox vigils held within its stone circle and are open to all.

I look forward to celebrating Samhain on-line with you in ceremony in our stone circle here at Chaucer Barn, 11am on Sunday 1.11. 

x James 🔥