Project Description

James Mermagen  Director of Chaucer Barn Mystery School

James Mermagen lives with his partner Ruth and their two children at the barns he converted on his farm in north Norfolk. Part retreat, part mystery school, Chaucer Barn – when not hosting weddings – holds retreats which explore the infinite potential of magic within every individual. Solstice and Equinox vigils held within its stone circle and are open to all.



Do the coincidences we see prove that there is a creator or that we are living in a dream?

WAND MAKING – A Sense of Belonging in our Celtic roots.

Now, free at last from 2000 years of the Church of Rome we emerge, as if from Plato’s cave, blinking into a world of free choice. A cornucopia of spiritual traditions have developed, each linked to its own ethnic lineage.

But here in the UK (the so called ‘Magic Isle’), what of our spiritual tradition? In this New Age of spiritual democracy, where are our roots? In one of history’s most complete ethnic cleansings, the Romans slaughtered almost every last Druid.

Today, from Siberia to South America, India to Outer Mongolia we look to every corner of the globe in our search for enlightenment; but the wisdom, spirituality and magic of our own culture is lost to us.

Or is it?

As part of my wand making workshop, I will examine the challenges for every one of us born into a deeply secular and materialistic society that has (at last!) been released from the shackles of organised religion but at the same time plunged into a dizzying pick and mix smorgasbord of spiritual choices.  Set adrift without a compass, how should we navigate this brave new world?

I hope to inspire some sense of belonging by exploring our Druidic, Celtic roots.

The founders of over 20 universities in the UK, the Druids were one of four European mystery schools that were trained by the Kalu (said to be the last survivors of Atlantis). Greece’s Pythagorean mystery school, the Zoroastrians of Persia and Jesus’s Essenes being the other three. Indeed, Jesus and various family members are said to have spent years with the Druids in Britain. The first chapel in Avalon (Glastonbury) was built, it’s claimed, by his uncle, Joseph of Aramathea.