Project Description

Jimena Paratcha  ALCHEMY OF LIGHT

Sat 20th March  10 – 11am

Jimena Paratcha, Active Community Leader, Energy Worker and Event Producer

In her youthful breakdancing days Jimena was exposed to the harsh reality of youngsters living on the streets of Rio de Janeiro. Due to the emotional impact of this she felt a strong calling to empower the children and young people of Latin America and immediately began volunteering at shelters and soup kitchens around the continent, eventually becoming a founding leader of Action for Brazil’s Children Trust (ABC Trust). Having developed the capacity of 22 project partners in 5 major cities, ABC Trust became a founding partner of Street Child United, a global platform to voice the rights of young people at risk around the world.  After 20 years working in the community development and social justice sector, Jimena turned towards the emerging environmental crisis and focused on the protection of ecosystems. She actively campaigned for Ecocide Law alongside Polly Higgins and initiated the Fossil Free campaign in Sussex. Jimena continues to produce events to raise awareness and funds, as well as help establish networks for positive change. A dynamic activist for transformation on the inner and outer worlds, Jimena has nurtured a keen interest in diverse healing and energy modalities. Becoming initiated into the Siddha Kundalini lineage, and Nature Mysticism of Andean Peru, whilst bridging Indigenous traditions of Amazonian Brazil as a Guardian of the Huni Kuin and the Yawanawa, she has established simple yet powerful ways to support the best and highest potential of herself and the diverse communities she is active in.


An invitation to embody the science of light.

In these times of uncertainty, it’s essential to centre and root ourselves to keep in balance.  Our energy body is like a map of light. When we tap into its innate power we can easily ground, strengthen and uplift ourselves using innovative techniques from ancient and modern times.

Beginning with simple breathing exercises we will gradually land more deeply into our own space and the group we form together.

In a tradition practiced by the nature mystics of the Q’ero of Peru, we will clear ourselves of heavier energies with an earth connected activity — sitting and laying down where possible.

Once we feel as clear as can be we will raise our frequencies through an empowering and uplifting practice of the Divine University which expands and reinforces our energy fields.

Activating and regenerating, these tools can easily be integrated into everyday life. They are supportive, building up your energy body to be more robust, protected and unified.