JJ Middleway

Discover Your “Charm Of Making”

JJ will illustrate from his own experience, how to weave and create a magical world of one’s own, based on simple yet profound principles. It will be grounded in the words of the poet Rilke. “If we surrender to Earth’s Intelligence, we can rise up rooted as Trees”.

Crucially, each participant will get to create in spell form, their own ‘Charm of Making’.

Songlines Of Avalon

Songs of the Soul to inspire and heal. An indigenous – of these lands – earth based form of medicine through chanting and sharing song together. Truly healing and transformative.

Bardic Grove 

Drawing on several decades of Druidic and magical lore and ritual practise , Chris and JJ will demonstrate, and together with participants, invite us all to experience together the essence of the creative arts in the ancient tradition of a Bardic Grove in the Druid tradition of these lands.


Druid Elder and worker of magic – offering chants and songs native to these indigenous lands of ours.

The intention of my teachings is to inspire and evoke meaning and hope, purpose and vision, through Song, Ritual , Story, Prayer and Mystery.

I have over 30 years experience as a practitioner, Celebrant and forger of sacred paths.

“I don’t know anyone who has been to one of JJ’s workshops and not been blown away.” – Ollie

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