Jote Prakash Singh

Heart Connection Circle
Circle for humans to connect in a deep Heart-Centred way. To explore what Sacred Sexuality means and what part the Masculine and Feminine polarities have to play. Chance to connect with your Self, your inner child, each other, The Earth and the Cosmos. We will find out what blocks us from our essential playful nature and flow with meditation, movement, playful games, eye gazing and breathing exercises – to unblock ourselves and become free. Find the balance between giving and receiving. Drop into your Embodied Wisdom. Take an adventure with your inner child. Connect with another soul, heart to heart. This will require your presence to dive into a Sacred Space so please be on time but, as always, will be a balance of some deep work and some sacred play and human connection.

Mystery of Kundalini

Come and learn how to navigate and awaken the kundalini energy in a contained way, giving space for your emotions and feelings. Be held in safe sacred space where all aspects of you are welcomed. Balancing the playful with the deeply transformational. Diving deeper into the essence of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation.


My name is JotePrakash Singh Khalsa, I used to be called Tom.
I am an Inspiro Awakening Coach, a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, a Musician, a Writer and a Ritual Space Holder and have been holding Sacred Space for 5 years now.
My mission is to provide humanity with a completely wholistic route to connection with the Divine Creative Flow by creating Sacred Spaces attuned to deep, authentic joy and Truth.
I believe that sustainable happiness can only come from a healthy balance of Self-Love, surrender and boundaries.
I have a deep love for dancing, music, chanting and taking my clothes off and jumping into freezing cold rivers.

Website address:
IG @thekundaliniwizard