Juliana Tramontana

Juliana has spent the last two years assisting as part of the Alternatives team, who hold mind body spirit events at St. James’s church in London, Piccadilly. She has held her own workshop and women’s circle with them as well as attending many of the talks and workshops with speakers such as Eckhart Tolle at the Royal Albert Hall, Robert Holden’s retreat in Montserrat, Psychic; Lee Harris, moonologist; Yasmin Boland, Caroline Myss, and lucid dreamer Charlie Morley, amongst many others. Juliana has absorbed the wisdom of many modern spiritual thinkers to learn many truths, enabling her to see through many Fears as “False Evidence Appearing Real” and held her own women’s circle workshop with Alternatives on manifesting, magic and art. Learning to embrace her gifts as an artist, Juliana was involved in an outsider art show with Noel Fielding and Vic Reeves in Deal with her rorschach inkblot drawings and a cabinet of curiosities. She also played the magician in an immersive theatre production on the embodied Tarot with the Divine Ridiculous in Clerkenwell. Having always been fascinated by the realm of dreams and lucid dreaming after having a surreal symbolic dream come true as a teenager, she realised time was not a linear thing. Manifesting things and synchcronicities become abundant when we step into the now. From manifesting free tickets and flights to Carcassonne and a 100 year old gold sovereign in her purse at the end of the trip. It hasn’t always been this way, and so she would love to empower others and share her wisdom help others avoid suffering. Our thoughts and intentions create the reality we live in and we are at a time when we need to embrace the power we have to create a new paradigm. Through studies in Sivananda Yoga, Reiki, Freemind Hypnosis and NLP (neurolinguistic programming) with the creator Richard Bandler and hypnotist; Paul Mckenna, practical techniques and wisdom can be applied to living a more conscious life.


Manifesting a Magical Life 

Create magic in your life and embrace it with spontaneity and use the power of intention. We can act from a place of effortlessness, improvise and go with the flow and embrace life more fully when we focus on lucid living and dreaming. Life is too short or rather too long to be captain of anyone else’s ship other than your own. This workshop will help you to help yourself and ultimately increase synchronicities and inspire others to live more fully and show up in the world.

Ways of Seeing

Rorschach/ inkblot Art workshop. A practical art making session combined with a discussion about polarities and the illusion of life we create with our perception of reality. We look at how we can shift our perception and change our reality? By using negatives and reframing them into positives, we gain wisdom from what we may have seen as our mistake.

The grit in the oyster creates the pearl. Quite often the things we often seen as negative in our lives can be seen as positives. Making inkblot drawings, using the rorschach techniques by folding a piece of paper in half and dropping ink on one side and sandwiching the paper together, to then open it up. we see things within the mirrored image that is presented. This is known as Paradoeila, such as when we see faces or animals on clouds for example. We see what we want to see as in life. This workshop combines a fun practical with a more serious discussion to help embrace the shadow self and polarities within ourselves.