Kristina Evans

Cacao Ritual / Ceremony

A ceremony bringing the tribe together to feel and deepen knowing that we connected to each other and Nature. Together we invite in the spirit of Cacao, which is a facet of the wisdom of Earth.  Working with the power of the Seven Directions, this is an opportunity to feel and embody strength, joy and the power of love through collective prayer, dance and song.  Cacao invites us to open our receptivity to the peace, possibility and potential that is within us all.

Kristina is a guide and space holder who has walked The Path of the Medicine Woman for over a decade, studying the ancient ways with indigenous tribes from the Amazon and the Andes.  She serves Cacao internationally, teaches personal development courses for women in earth spirituality and energy medicine, and holds space for empowering the next generation. Voted by Tatler as ‘one of the best spiritual practitioners in London’, she offers 121 sessions for times of transition.

“Really enjoyed the cacao circle, cried a bit and danced with joy. Felt so much love for everyone. Loving energy all around.”
“I still feel the warmth and the subtle joy from yesterday. Bless you for that!”
“Thank you for your wonderful ceremony! I’ve had so much going on after that and it’s been so transformative. Feeling like things are moving to the right direction.”
“Just wanted to say thank you so much for facilitating a truly beautiful cacao circle yesterday – so very heart opening & special.”