Project Description

Mark Mabon

Systemic Coach and Family Constellations Facilitator, Systemic Ritual practitioner training

Muses and Urges

Is ‘genius’ inside us or outside us, or both?
How do we connect with it?

From Einstein to Picasso, and throughout the ages, inspiration drives human culture, and all cultures have used trance, dance, sex and substances to alter our state of consciousness and access ‘higher’ states, both for pleasure and for illumination, insight and transformation.

In today’s culturally ‘blended’ world, how do we find our way with so many choices?
And when all these things can also be used to escape our wounds and traumas, how do we avoid falling into addictive patterns? Can we give reign to our wild instincts and urges without being consumed by them?

In this workshop we will use some unique ‘mystery’ techniques so each person can explore this territory for themselves and give you ways to navigate your wild nature, instinctive urges, creative drives and addictive patterns.

This session is designed to help you make informed choices in pressurised social situations and career settings.