Maria Terra

Sacred Activism 🤲🏽  Maria Terra

Sunday 21st March 1.30pm – 2.30pm

Activism, for me, is a way of living – it is my political act in a world where everything seems to be falling apart, and principles and values about humanity, unity, sustainability and environment are getting lost.

In this talk I will be sharing my work with the Amazonian rain forest and indigenous people that are the guardians of the biggest forest in the world.

Participants will be able to ask questions and share points of views and visions. This workshop is good for young adults because they are our hope, they are the force that we need for keeping activism alive.  When young people are aware of the problems we can build alliances and create the transformation that we want to see in the world.

Amazonia and their guardians are passing through a very difficult situation, indigenous people are being killed and removed from their own lands and governments are supporting this.  The indigenous are the guardians of the forest and the keepers of medicines, sacred plants, ancestral wisdom and amazing knowledge. 

Amazonia is the lungs of our planet earth and it is a humanity heritage.  Their wisdom and their medicines also belong to humanity, they are the keepers of important healings and they have an essential role in the waking up of human consciousness. Nowadays the invitation is to build a closer relationship between us and them, for all the challenges that our keepers of the forest are passing, it is time to give hands and unify our alliances, they need us and we need them, together we are stronger and can make big actions to help the regeneration of our planet earth.

Let’s concrete our action at this important moment that all the world is living and be part of the prophecies.  I will share stories with you about Amazonia and the indigenous people, their traditions and way of living, and some specific projects with the Yawanawa villages.

Action is needed now!

Please feel welcome to join and share in this virtual sacred circle.

Maria Terra

With trust and faith I walk my path, praying to my ancestors to remember what I am here for…

Guardian of the project, “Raiz do Ser”, that travels around the 4 directions of the world studying & making alive the old sacred traditions.

Yoga teacher, women’s circle facilitator, traveller, moon dancer, writer, guardian of the forest and indigenous peoples project, therapist, spiritual and environment activist.

My studies are mainly based in immersions into the old traditions, especially in Mexico and the Amazon rainforest, where I was blessed to study with elders from the forest, and also in India, where in the highest mountains of Himalayas, inspired by great Yogis, I learnt about the art of yoga & meditation.

Nowadays my main work is to offer retreats around the world, integrating the Art of Yoga and ancient wisdom from different tribes, and organising journeys & immersions with the indigenous people of Amazonia.

IG @raizdoser