Megg Kwan

Embodied Nesting

My love, where in our lives have we been bracing, holding… and when was the last time you felt truly held…

In this individual and shared somatic workshop, you’ll be guided through a series of subtle body-oriented invitations which offer an opportunity for the mind to quieten down, and the body to begin to rest and soften.

Through connecting with a series of gentle mindfulness based exercises, we’ll be utilising our senses to invite a sense of ease and nourishment into our experience.

Here there will be opportunity for continued individual exploration, or partnered/group exploration for those that wish, as we explore embodied themes such as, ‘nesting’, ‘softening’, ‘loving boundaries’, ‘nourishing self or shared touch’, ‘self-awareness’, ‘embodied pauses’ and ‘embodied communication’.

Following our guided exploration, there will be some opportunity for free/self-guided connection with self or others for those that wish, followed by a closing & integration practice.

If you’re desiring to feel more supported, connected and held in loving tender presence…

Come and nest with us in this individual and/or shared somatic exploration, as we explore how it might be to soften into the moment, ourselves, each other…

Connecting, arriving… as we land together into ease. Savouring the nourishment of the nest.


Megg is a Somatic Embodiment Coach and former Play & Creative Arts Therapist, with a love of all things playful, cosy and nourishing. She is devoted to creating warm heart filled spaces where we can begin to feel more at ease as we take a deeper breath, as we soften into our bodies, and open into our hearts. Megg invites you to root down into our own inner resourcefulness, in the simplest of ways, so that you can begin to rise into your self-leadership and reclaim the very essence of you and all that you came here to be.

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‘Working with Megg feels like giving myself a warm loving hug. Megg gently encourages a connection with my body, my authentic feelings and creates space for self-acceptance. I feel welcomed, supported, embraced and heard. I left the recent session feeling so much lighter, resulting in the best nights sleep I’d had in a long time. Megg is a beautiful woman who holds the space with acceptance and love. I never feel pressure to be or act in any particular way, which creates a safe and nurturing space. So much gratitude and appreciation for these wholesome sessions.’

‘Would highly recommend to any women wanting to feel more nourished and connected to themselves and others.’

‘I can already feel the immense effects of this and I cannot thank Megg enough for guiding me through this wonderful experience.’

‘She is extremely kind and has such a soothing nature that makes you feel immediately at ease. I don’t have much experience with somatic coaching and have never been able to really understand how to drop in and listen to my own body.’

‘I felt very safe and not rushed in, feeling really seen and heard. Due to the relaxing pace and words that Megg reflected back.’

‘Megg explained the process beautifully as I had always felt this would be difficult or uncomfortable but it was quite the opposite! I felt really assured and safe as she guided me through some practices and I had such a beautiful experience with Megg. I left the session feeling nourished, radiant and peaceful and more connected to myself than ever before.’

‘Being able to connect to my body was so special and such an important part within my healing journey.’

‘Megg’s energy is so beautiful calming a relaxing that immediately felt comfortable and free to express and speak to. She created this session so beautifully I feel honoured to have experienced this with her.’

‘Working with Megg is life-changing. I worked with her several month and every time, I left the session with more presence in my body a greater acceptance of what my body wants to tell me. Her loving presence, her soothing voice, her curiosity always there as an offering for going more deeper inside.’

‘I notice myself leaving her sessions with a sense of “this is just what I needed :)”’

‘First of all being in Meggs energy is all that you need. She is inspiring, relatable, and the most authentic being I have ever had the privilege of being lead by. She accepts you exactly as you are because you are always exactly where you need to be.’