Nick Mulvey Singer-Songwriter

Nick Mulvey (born 4 November 1984) is an English musician, singer and songwriter. He played the hang as a founding member of the band Portico Quartet. In 2011 started his career as a singer-songwriter releasing the EPs The Trellis (2012) and Fever to the Form (2013) and his studio album First Mind in 2014 which received a Mercury Music Prize nomination. His second album, Wake Up Now, was released on the 8th September 2017.

Nick will be playing intimate acoustic sets on both Friday and Saturday nights around the fire under the full moon. Come and play! Bring an instrument and your singing voices.  Practice those choruses!

So come on, put it in song
Tell me how you feel
Yes come on, right from the wrong
Make it real.

Workshop – Inside the Songs  – A voice for nature: playing the heart strings

Self-Knowledge, Song writing and Ceremony

Nick will perform some of his own songs and then explore them with the group, looking in depth at the lyrical and musical content and allowing group discussion to arise from there.

How can we create the conditions for something universal to be expressed through us?

“Deeper self-knowledge, true potential of the human, self realisation, happiness, suffering… it doesn’t belong in narrow places any more – in monasteries – it needs to be in the hospitals. Now is the time for it to be in the schools, in our lives. I really believe that.”

Nick will be sharing how to write songs, reveal the possibilities of your creativity and dispel the illusion of separation that is propagated by the idea of us and them.

“Often when we are talking about becoming humble, we mean becoming smaller. But at the same time knowing your place in the scheme of things means to know that you are the rings of Saturn, you are the wind, you are everything. I’m learning to abide in that knowledge. Failing every day, learning all the time.”