Project Description

Dr Oliver Robinson PhD

Dr Oliver Robinson PhD is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Greenwich, and has over ten years experience of designing and implementing learning experiences and interventions for young adults. He has written a book and curated a range of talks on the topic of science and spirituality, which will be the focus of the lecture-workshop at Wider Horizons.

Science and Spirituality: Partners in Life’s Journey

Science and spirituality are both domains of enquiry that are open to all. Unlike religion, they require no adherence to any dogma or creed, nor any formal membership of a group.  Science’s approach to collecting knowledge is impersonal, explanatory, rational and externally focused. Spirituality’s approach is personal, contemplative, intuitive and internally-focused. They have evolved over the modern era to cover two halves of reality. To omit one of them is to live only in half of yourself and half of the world around you. Embracing both the scientific and the spiritual helps you to be whole, and it is the pursuit of wholeness that really defines life’s journey.

This lecture-workshop will be designed to help you think in new ways about the nature of reality, to doubt received wisdom and so be more independent in your thinking. This in turn will help you to develop a sense of responsibility and personal agency.