Ravi Freeman

Overtone Singing and Voice Workshop With Ravi

A transformational journey of discovery into the voice includes
a) exploration of overtone singing
b) chakra toning: voicing tones that activate the body’s chakras
c) voice work: exercises to open the voice
d) mantras, songs & chants from around the world
A voice workshop with a focus on overtone singing and developing the power of the singing voice. Ravi is known for his ability to convey both the technical aspects as well as the esoteric and healing components of overtone singing. Even for those who do not think of themselves as singers, these workshops give confidence in finding your natural and powerful voice. Those of you who are already singers will find greater depths and possibilities in your voice. Finding our natural sound, breathing from the diaphragm, creating the mouth shapes for overtone singing, expanded listening and finally, hearing our own overtones clearly. We shall also sing together as a choir and explore the self healing and healing effects of harmonics “Breath and the sound of the voice are existential imperatives, one cannot wish them away. They connect us directly with our divine souls”
Overtone sounds resonate in harmony with nature from the smallest atom to the planets and galaxies. Tuning in to these vibrations using the voice and other instruments allows a deeper contact with the psyche and spirit. As you learn to produce overtones with the voice and listen to the sounds of the gongs, Tibetan bowls and tambura, a heightened sensitivity, awareness, peacefulness, cleansing, healing and deepened meditation emerge. This workshop is for people of all abilities. It is not necessary to be able to sing. In the workshop we will make contact with our natural power sound, free the body and breath.
Performance: Wild Kirtan
A transformational experience of devotional singing with songs & chants from around the world plus sound journey Ravi leads with Kora & Guitar with support from Arjun Magee on percussion.


“Ravi is a rare talent – a musical shaman who knows no fear.
He has been an inspiration to us over the years as he continues to cross borders and  boundaries in his quest for musical expression and freedom”

Ravi is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and one of the longest established Western players of the kora (West African harp). His music is the result of a lifetime exploring the edge, through world music, tribal cultures, throat singing and a journey that has taken him from India to the Amazon.

As well as over 20 CDs, international performances and workshops and the invention of the electric/stereo kora, Ravi has also worked with artists such as Nigel Kennedy, Jon Lord, Phil Manzanera, Baaba Maal, Dr John, Ronu Majumdar and Marlui Miranda. The most recent albums are “Songs for the Golden Age” and “Two Rivers” with master flautist Adrian Freedman.

As well as devotional singing events, such as “Kirtan & Cacao”, Ravi also offers “Overtone Singing and Voice Workshops and Retreats” which take participants on a transformational journey of discovery.




“Ah, thank you Ravi. Last night was amazing, such a powerful experience!” – LAYLA

“Wow Ravi I’m still deeply feeling yesterday’s kora and cacao. My  heart is so open and full of gratitude for the experience. As someone  who hasn’t really sung since I was a child, as my dad made some off the cuff joke about me having a bad singing voice, I was blown away  by how safe and comfortable I felt to be able to sing and not feel  judged. It was amazing, thank you. I began really working with tantric  mantra meditation after my 1st baby died just over 2 years ago but  never in front of anyone, so it was unbelievably liberating” – LUCY LU