Richard Corrin

Trance Dance  (with Ariana)

Through guided dance, we seek to integrate the mind-body and connect more deeply with our core, finding a place of strength and serenity. Each set encourages an embodied narrative journey through the cycle of the elements, deepening our relationship to self and the beautiful earth which holds us.

Unmasking the Mind – The Art of Meditation

Unmasking the mind is a guided conversation about the illusions of our mind, encouraging us to explore the depths of our individual and collective subconscious. Workshop will include a 15 minute guided meditation as well as a presentation and discussion.

Fire Keeper 

Tending the sacred flame at the heart of our community and honouring the ancient traditions of the hearth as a place of healing, holding, and renewal.


Corrin is a Movement and Mindfulness practitioner, exploring the inner narrative world through story, sound and the subconscious mind.