Rina Golan

Meditation and Yoga Teacher

Rina has been a qualified Yoga and Meditation teacher for 14 years. She trained with different schools of yoga and meditation, mainly in India. Rina has been running and organising retreats in the Uk and abroad for 10 years now with a large students following.


The Purushartha is an ancient blueprint for living well which forms the foundation of Yoga. Rina Golan will explain how to live with passion and in service (dharma), create material abundance and physical health (artha), nurture emotional wellbeing (kama) and operate with mindful awareness (moksha). The Purushartha are ancient guidelines for a balanced life; morally, financially, emotionally/sexually and spiritually.

All the pillars are connected to the moral- dharma, which is a powerful skill to help young adults to stay mindful and conscious that their actions in the world (the meaning of dharma) will benefit the good of all. You will engage in personal enquiry and meditation.