Project Description

Sunflower and Tai – Toltec Wisdom Keepers, Artists and Medicine People from Central Mexico.

According to the vision of the Native Elders, the Toltec Medicine People and Wisdom Keepers are on a Pilgrimage for Healing Mother Earth, Ancestral Memories and All Our Relations. It’s time to come together for living well again, all peoples from the North and the South. They bring a message of peace, unity, consciousness, happiness, healing, compassionate love and respect for all beings.

The Olmec Toltec and Teotihuacan lineage and tradition have been transmitted from generation to generation. The elders, wisdom keepers and medicine people keep alive the sacred teachings on native wisdom, ancestral medicine and shamanic healing arts.

Since children they’ve learned the ancient songs, sacred ceremonies and rituals, ancestral healing and natural medicine. They offer teachings, guide retreats and journeys into the nature to connect with the elements through ceremonies. As practitioners they do consultations, treatments and private healing sessions one-on-one, using healing energy, body work, reflexology, quiropraxia, stones, aromatherapy, breathing, dance, movement, drumming and sounds for bringing balance to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body.

The Toltec people remind us the ancient way of living in connection with all beings with the consciousness that we are all sacred and all related.

1-1 Healings and Ceremonies

Tai and Sunflower will be offering 1-1 healings by donation and leading ceremonies to help you connect with the spirit of nature. They will also be sharing songs and meditations around the fire.

Sunrise Ceremony: Receiving the new day with infinite joy and gratitude. Healing our people with the Sunrise Medicine. Honouring the four directions, the sky, the earth and all beings every day.

Shamanic Healing Walking: An ancestral practice and initiation, walking in the nature as a group, bringing unity, trusting, self-confidence and healing for the people.

Fire Ceremony: Very ancient tradition for purification, healing and transformation. Using the ancient protocols of the fire energy for bringing clearness, harmony and balance to the humanity.

Ancestral Voice and Sound Healing: Since the ancient times our people use ancestral sounds, musical instruments and chanting for bringing relaxation, healing and balancing our energy bodies, spaces and nature.

Ancestral Journey for Healing the Soul: A meditation guided and ritual using the drum and sacred songs for healing the soul and all dimensions of our light body.