Project Description


Sunset Samhain Fire Ceremony and Chanting

Vēdic fire ritual with mantras and prayers – Agni Hotra

Sat Oct 31st 4pm

Agnihotra is a simple fire ritual mentioned in ancient Vēdic scriptures which is performed to reduce pollution and spiritually purify the atmosphere and carried out at Sunrise and Sunset.

Vandita will make offerings to the fire as we transition into Samhain with chanting of Sanskrit mantras.

As we move into the darkness, we can connect to subtle energies for transformation and growth. The darkness illuminates the light and mantras chanted at this time are powerful tools for change.

This is simple yet ancient and powerful practice that can be performed by anyone anywhere.

Vandita is delighted to be able to share the healing powers of chanting from the years she has been learning and deepening her connection through this simple and heart opening practice.