Project Description

Zoe Cobb

Movement and Change Performance Director, Dance Artist/Aerialist/Choreographer

Zoe has a background in physical theatre, group development, circus, yoga and dance. Academically
she trained at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama with Masters in Movement Direction, and previously in Canada with a BA in Theatre and Modern Languages. She has expanded her training with The Thomas Richards and Grotozski workcenter, National Circus School, Moscow State Circus, 5 Rhythms and Contact Improv. She created and directed dance theatre with her company Artful Badger in England for the last 10 years. She has delivered workshops internationally in Japan, USA, Italy, France, Germany, UK and UAE.

She has lead group trainings for the last 5 years in the corporate, theatre, and education worlds. She currently teaches aerial yoga and circus skills in Italy, while continuing to deliver development workshops around Europe.


As the title suggests, The Flocking is inspired by migrating animals. It is a group movement practice that uses mimicry as our primary source of learning. Igniting our instincts of play and creativity it creates group complicity, flow and mindfulness. It is a model for progressive self-organising leadership as well as a development and well-being tool. It connects, surfaces, expresses and resolves through non-verbal communication.

This workshop harbours strength in diversity and collaboration at its heart. It creates a safe space for self expression and shared group expression while allowing them to experience their power in a cooperative group. Using play and simple ground rules, it opens up opportunities for innovation, surprise and advanced group intelligence. It is an excellent example for them to take with them in the beginning of their careers, understanding first hand the power of a harmonious group.