Wider Horizons was without doubt the most profound weekend of my life. Each workshop facilitated a transformation, whether that be through gaining knowledge, wisdom or an inner shift. I left feeling lighter, more aligned and truly connected with my inner and outer worlds. It was so inspiring to be surrounded by like-minded, conscious people; the energy that was curated was magic. I am so grateful to have experienced its subtle but deep impact, knowing that the lessons I learnt will be carried with me throughout my life.

Zofia Page age 21

“Wow” is the first thing I said when leaving Wasing woods after a weekend at Wider Horizons. Every single person I met was so kind, open and loving; every single workshop or talk I went to was inspiring, fun and life changing in all sorts of ways – the whole experience was beyond words. I learned to open myself up, ground myself in nature, align and expand- meeting open and kind souls who really connect to one another, helping me become a better person in every way. The woods were a safe space to become vulnerable, and that’s when the real healing begins, when one opens up to let all of the bad stuff out. I can’t recommend anyone enough to attend this festival next year if you feel yourself opening up and connecting to a higher level of consciousness, or even if you just fancy a weekend in the woods, away from phones and full of good food. I really don’t think my words do Wider Horizons gathering justice as it’s now been two weeks since my time in the woods and I’m still adjusting, contemplating and integrating all the incredible things that happened. Thank you to all the people involved in making the weekend so special, and I’ll see you next time!! –

Thank you again, it was truly magical.”

George Sargent-Childs  Aged 21

Little review for something that can’t really be put into words

Over the moon and back million times… never felt so blessed and magical. The most incredible experience of this life, the words I know are not enough to express how highly I recommend it to everyone on Earth @widerhorizons._ It was an absolute honour to create, share, sing, dance, be silly and play with all the fairies in human bodies on incredibly powerful land! Feels like wearing glasses for the first time after a whole life of not being aware that I needed them, so much clearness right now, never been so in love with life!! So much gratitude for all my sisters and brothers I’ve met and connected with, for all the beautiful and kind words that everyone spoke to me and to each other, I love you. Thank you for being. Massive thanks and sending prayers for the Angel that made all this magic possible and all his great helpers. Thank you for fuelling me with hope, love, purpose, for opening my heart, for making my voice louder, never felt more beautiful and stronger than now. The power of community is incredible… TOGETHER WE CAN.

Infinite love

Andreea Gabriella, 22 yrs

The weekend worked marvellously – it was a feast intellectually, artistically, and in terms of a setting for expressing really positive contacts between people who had never met before.


I particularly valued the group meditations, experiences with colour, time to get to know one another, the relaxed but well ordered atmosphere and the variety of workshops, music and ceremonies.


Wider Horizons helped me so much . . . because I’m not so afraid of being open with people.  I have already found this very rewarding. It has helped me to feel much more positive about my career.


I know what you are doing is right, instinctively, and thus it will succeed, but at the same time I don’t think that success lies in numbers or in official recognition.


This is what I learnt – To observe where there is no observer, to think where there is no thinker, to act where there is no actor and hence attain a greater awareness of how reality can be shaken up.