NB the Summer 2020 schedule is still in a draft state and is not yet finalised


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Time  Yurt Stretch Tent or Glade  Geo Dome
10 Arrival, set up tents and refreshments
12 Lunch 
1 Opening Circle
2 Refreshment break
2.15 Jimena Paratcha

Align and Expand

Rina Golan

The Purushartha

Mark Mabon

Muses and Urges

4.15 Refreshment break  
4.30 George and Moshe

Sing to Life


Playing and Fooling

Zak Avery

Channelling Prana and controlling the mind

6.30 Supper
7.30 Acoustic set around the fire
8.45 Erika

Sufi Movement Meditation

10.30  George Barker, Moshe Halperin,  Ben Ben

Singing Circle


Time Yurt Stretch Tent or Glade Geo Dome
7.45 Ben

Vision Quest and Thread Ritual

9.15 Breakfast
9.45 Introduction to the day gathering
10 James Mermagen

Wand Making – A Sense of Belonging in our Celtic roots

11.30   Refreshment break
11.45 Erika Tourell


Gabriella Rutherford

(Survival International)

A celebration of indigenous voices and views.

1 Lunch
1.45 Introduction to the afternoon gathering
2 Dr Olly Robinson
3.15 Refreshment break
3.30 Kristina Evans

Cacao Ceremony

Erika Tourell

Mindful massage and connection

4.45 Refreshment break
5 Daniella Carrozza

Womb Blessing – Discover the Secrets of your Cyclical Nature

Rohan White

Earth Based Spirituality


7.15 Supper
7.45 Get changed into fancy dress
10.15 DJ La Plage (John Beach )
11.30  George, Moshe, Rohan and Ben Ben Ji

Fireside jam


Time Yurt Stretch Tent or Glade Geo Dome
4.37 Vandita

Agri Hotra Fire Ceremony

8 Billie De Melo Wood


George Monkhouse

Qi Gong

9 Breakfast
9.45 Introduction to the day gathering
10 Danny Gross

(Friends of the Earth)

Tackling Climate Change

11.15 Refreshment break
11.30 Rachel May

Story Based Exploration of Life
Cleo Broda

Life Maps  

Tom Peto

Collective Presence

12.45 Lunch  
1.30 Intro to the afternoon gathering  
1.45 Caring for nature workshop Isla Joy Flower

Video Booth

2.45 The Flocking  
3.45 Grounding Ceremony  
5 Pack up tents, tidy camp and leave no trace.  All are welcome to stay for clean up and leave by High Noon on Monday.



NB Programme may change slightly

Full info about contributors and workshops can be found here