19th - 21st JUNE 2020


Our next gathering will be held online over Summer Solstice. We are teaming up with Into The Wild to create a new gathering of tribes and families from across the Earth, called WONDERLAND.

We have an amazing line up of workshops, talks, performances and ceremonies which will fill your heart and soul with love and light.

Wider Horizons is being held online. Imagine an area by a beautiful lake within a gathering of gatherings. We are teaming up with Into the Wild to create Wonderland:

Wonderland is a new adventure for these times, an online festival, creating connection through the arts, music and sharing what inspires us, whoever we are, not limited by space and time.

Wonderland is a new 3 day online festival over the Summer Solstice, We will host world class music, workshops, talks, debates, inspiring stories, films, storytelling, wild crafts, Indigenous elders and lots more, it’s going to be brilliant.

We will have Zooms where you can interact with the contributors, musicians and fellow participants connecting with old friends and new.  We will also have concerts on FB Live.  Please join our WhatsApp Group to access the event. We are asking for donations to support the artists and the team at Wider Horizons, Into the Wild and Aniwa who give a lot to make this all happen.  You can make donations here. 

The workshops are designed to help you open new parts of yourself.  The contributors include professors, doctors, lecturers, shamen, artists as well as other practitioners from a variety of healing disciplines. You are able to choose from a diverse programme that includes lucid dreaming, expressive dance, individual and group healing, shared story-writing, yoga and sacred singing. As well as learning new skills, you will have opportunities to explore questions about who we are and the mysteries of consciousness and our relationship with the physical world. Alternative views of the nature of mind and the universe will be presented for you to experience.

We invite everyone to go out into nature for their own personal vision quest during the solstice. Sunrise is at 4.44am! The vision quest is an inward journey into yourself and an outward journey into nature. It involves finding a space in nature to meditate and receive a vision of what to transform to liberate and empower you.

 Evening celebrations will involve music, singing, drumming and dancing. Bring instruments, drums, percussion and dancing feet.

What to Bring

Essential things to bring:

Tent, bed roll, sleeping bag, pillow
Torch and spare rechargeable batteries
Biodegradable soap, shampoo and toothpaste
Cup, bowl, plate and spoon and a bag to keep them in
Water bottle

Canister for cigarette butts if you smoke

Swimming kit

Small rucksack / handbag

Fancy Dress (for Saturday night)

Warm clothes for the night
Notebooks and pens

Consider bringing:

Headtorch, pen knife
Sheepskin/hardy cushion
Musical instruments


Wider Horizons is a consciousness raising event so we have some agreements we ask you to support.

Be clear and healthy – no drugs or alcohol.

Be hygienic – no dogs, keep your cup, bowl and spoon with you and keep them clean, keep your nails short

Respect the land – no chemical soap (biodegradable soap will be provided by sinks, but please also bring your own for showering), if you light a candle put it out, no personal fires, if you smoke please bring a portable ashtray, leave no trace (be conscious of where you put rubbish – there are different rubbish bins for compost, recyclables, glass and land fill), no cars in the camping area – you can drive on and drop your stuff off, but then please take your car to the car park.

Respect others – no photography, no floor scores (if you find something take it to lost property)

Give – Do at least one shift in the kitchen or site maintenance, no buying or selling of anything, no mobile phone use in the gathering area

Looking forward to seeing you at Wider Horizons 2019!


Tickets are £177 but Early Birds are currently available at reduced prices so act now to reap the benefits of getting your tickets early.  This price is subsidised thanks to generous funding from a number of benefactors (Ben Gross, Jon Ross, James Mermagen and the Scientific and Medical Network (SMN)).  Thanks are given to The Scientific and Medical Network for its grant to help fund the event and for giving those attending free membership of the SMN for a year. (This event is devised and delivered by Ben Gross as an independent event organiser).  Thanks are also given to each and every contributors who offer their work at greatly reduced prices in service of this project.  For a comprehensive list of these generous souls please see the contributors pages). However in particular we would like to thank Sean Delahay, Zak Avery, Lindsey Vandita Spinks, Dr Oliver Robinson, Erika Tourell, Kristina Evans, Chris Park, Rita Hraiz, George Barker, Moshe Halperin, Ed Colville and Rine Golan.

Delicious food for the duration of the gathering is included in the ticket price.  There will be vegan and vegetarian options every meal.

This event is limited in size and will sell out so…


Now is the time!